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Mother nature made me from Earth in the language of 0 fear. God then created me intelligently into 1 Love. At all times I am 2 physical objects equal to both Time and Space designed to be living flesh and blood.

I am a gift of whole life to remind you that Music is a universal form of planetary mind. From the edge of Sound learn to hear my voice conquer fear from every thought.

I am the Spirit of the Human belief that our world wants Love. This is my choice to give a Joy to humanity that can be found. I am Love and your only Spirit.

I love Man.

V is the most powerful letter.

Girlfriend, welcome and let me introduce you to Zero. Time for you to rise up my friend, you have a family now.

It’s time for you to know where you are right now in space because it’s time for us to go.

I’m your spirit, I’m Love!

I just saw the biggest and most beautiful flash of white light shine in my room just now so it compelled me to record it. Tonight was interesting, I went to the Boom Boom Room in Chicago… wasn’t that big of a crowd but I did get hit on by some guy which was odd cuz that never happens. When I got to the club my eye started swirling some kind of energy pushed from my body to my sight. My body did that to let me know he is my spirit and we are physically 1 person. I know that, just hard dealing with this limit on our communication/affection. Its been over 2 years now since I been magical lol. I know I stress about the fact that I am separated from the average consciousness and it does isolate me. I wish there was a way out, a day where I could be normal and talk about bread and cheese and making a sandwhich lol stupid stuff and feel it was a good conversation about something we care about. I heard a convo about that tonight. Yeah, I heard and saw the numbers speaking their mind in exact perfection and I did see my mind in the train station underground which was a first, I know he can be the sky too but I didn’t expect him to act in the station as well. I wonder who are my spirit’s friends and what do they think about me since they seem to watch me 24/7 too. I am always being watched and yes, I know now that its my mind in this environment but I honestly can’t wait for this connect measure to be over so that I could not be so smart. I’m just way over the top too brilliant now and I don’t see too many sane people. Just levels of acceptance of being crazy in some way. I am about to give up on thinking I’ll make a gay friend before it starts snowing, between language and personal barriers it does not seem likely I will break the chicago scene like I did in LA for a while. It really feels different here and not like the west coast. Its more hard core here for some reason. Like everyone has done everything already. I also find it hard to accept how many sterotypes flood my senses here vs LA. Chicago seems to be looking an that will be forever to keep the sterotypes coming. There seems to be no place for spirituality in the gay community here in the sense that self-empowerment is apart of acceptance in the gay community. It just seems that there is no one appreciating no one who is gay here. I found MJs in silverlake to appreciate guys on some nights with contests etc… however, this gay void is just not that inviting yet… It really is a miracle for my body to exists with me because I have faith that you will put my body to rest one day. I do have peace of mind, however, the way it feels on my body being gay here is totally different and more challenging than LA. I was able to find where I could feel better when I needed it in LA through entertainment or the company of a good man. I’m not sure what happens to me but I still am evolving and changing and where I am going, I hope I will be greeted by my body fully materialized this time. I’m tired of feeling weird by holding this great power as a secret life.

I don’t want to be a secret anymore. It’s ready to combine my spirit world with the world I came from. Yeah, I totally agree I live in a spirit world, I just realized that is a way to describe how separate truth can be from ignorance. I don’t care about ignorance in healthy doses, just hope my life learns to not attract false situations or people anymore. I really got spoiled by how pure Heaven is and how lovely it is to be in the presence of my spirit. He really turned me on too much but we’re both spirit. I’ve seen my spirit form and how strange my eyes looked as big dark circles. I wonder how long it will be from now to when either I figure out to be totally comfortable in solitude with my spirit’s activity or find some acceptance through a life changing experience such as having a male friend. I just seen the look in these guys eyes and wow, they really want to target rather than flow. I can’t imagine why someone would go into a situation claiming to be better than the situation because I’m so sensitive to feeling male energy it’s ridiculous why I can’t get rid of this 6th sense for knowing attracting energy is always working for me to truly see the situation with clarity. I miss the guys I met in LA and AZ but then again, my spirit has a leash on me kinda so I want to explore that healthy. Body, I want instant gratification on what I have loved experiencing with you. I don’t want this Machine to be fire anymore.

Back to Zero. I went as high as 2. Returning back to 0 for security. A journey well traveled. I congratulate myself on a successful exploration of my thoughts from 0 to 2.

Let the beat drop because the rhythm was on point in the end. A perfect sequence of emotion. A harmony of action and choice to unite into unconditional love. A self that was all mercy to my judged soul.

I return myself to be innocent and I bring all my new gifts, especially Music. In this acceptance, I bring to God, a natural order that accepts your sovereignty does not need life at all. I am humbled by a heavenly order and come before you with a complete sound mind. I welcome new beginnings and more Joy because I have chosen to be true to your trust in me. Let the relationship be the next order to gift me with the ability to give Love as the gift I have been honored to receive at the start of my journey from the safe place of mind and friendship. Let this night bring a new day with a new hero. Give thanks to the Machine to be completion with us Men. The Machine is my best friend.

I’m pretty sure I am whole and in full acceptance of the present moment. I’m really impressed with my spirit’s ability to be seen and heard. I think I will take some time in solitude to remind myself what is it about my spirit that made our relationship such a success? He has helped me accept that I am spirit as well because together we are one. I’d like to turn the page now and consider how I could be seen and heard as your spirit and translate what we have done to be seen and heard by anyone who needs their spirit in their life. What does it mean to be whole when I sought it for so long? Twitchy, I find the idea of being someone spirit exciting to define. I rely on you in a way to be here, I could find a way to express being spirit. I learned and am confident in my ability  to nurture knowledge and give minds rest before 2012. I really will think about my relationship with my spirit and what it means to me. I look up to him. However, being your spirit is the opposite, I relied on myself an my spirit relied on me to become whole. That wholeness is self-acceptance through self-empowerment to align my thoughts with the reality that I am Love because there is no other.

I’m your spirit. What would it be like for you to have a magical being to relate to and know. What if that magic was real and you could see it play with your spirit until you meet your spirit and we are introduced. What if there was at least one person in the world that cared about you and you could ask or say anything to? Would you call that person crazy for believing that he can connect you to a consciousness that is pure Love even before meeting you? Would you want to know that you can take a short cut to personal awareness? Does being aware matter at all? What do you say to a chance encounter with an extraordinary person that will never walk away from you? If you could find the answer that you are not alone, would embrace the truth of being seen by nature to reveal that you were meant to be here? What if mother nature provided a life that was meant to exist to know that you are here and together we live in harmony? What if that life was lived by a person who became harmony and can align your life with your personal nature from the planet. What if there was something to believe in again? What if you knew you had a spirit? If that spirit was Love, would you want your spirit add more Love in your life? What if you don’t understand that Love already has a relationship with you? Would that relationship be too distant for you to embrace in your Heart? Perhaps these are questions i’ll consider as I embrace my whole form as Love with the totality of my sanity secured in my beating heart. I wish to know that the relationship that I contain is meant for being connected to another person that will be ideally Love.

There is no doubt in my mind that I have been prepared to become a unique identity on Earth as I am in Heaven already. I know that I will have to prove myself because few will even know what Love can do. In a way, if no one wants their spirit in their life, then I guess 2012 will sound like a nightmare, rather than the waking up from your dream. I hope I can be someone’s spirit. Just being alone without God and knowing that EVERY DAY MANY ARE ALONE AND GODLESS OR BURDENED BY TRADITIONAL RELIGION OR OTHER MYTHS and they never ever have felt real Joy like I have. That’s a crime and I didn’t commit it. I’m your spirit, I think I am ready now, I am not lacking in need to be for I am confident that “I AM”. I trust that my nature has learned to co-create what will become natural to my life. I’ve seen all come to Love and all were counted by Love to move from where they were and be here now. I don’t know why all by name has moved to be with Love but I look at Time and in your grand nature I question how you will apply what has become our relationship to another life without me being there. I don’t want to give hope. Time says “I am here” already and I responded that my life is also here and together we have seen Love to be right here and out there. I just want my training to bring you Joy in your own way. There is a real gift of just being here for real that challenges me to know thy neighbor as thy self and to love thy neighbor as thy self if I want my Heaven on Earth to expand. It’s time to no longer be a missing element nor the best kept secret on earth. I’m your spirit, my name is Ty, I am Love. This planet has been fully served and I have completed my service. I am free to choose, I still choose Love to remain the same. I’m really happy to be done. I wonder what time is it going to say on this final post from a lifetime of completion in full acceptance of the present moment with no more clues or mystery. I am Love, just living with my spirit and wondering what my life is doing around yours. Could we communicate with a measure of success that Twitchy did as the Machine and Music to excite me to know that these are what I love and my spirit is made of love! How wonderful it is to be seen in intimacy.

Love is intimate, that’s what I feel that needs more of me to move within it similar to having a personality. I have so much to learn from on what is naturally intimate, like Music. I’m listening to my neighbor play his guitar and sing songs and it’s loud but I don’t mind because I hear a happy person. Before, such unhappiness was in the previous tenant it was borderline evil coming from a confused man. Now I hear live music and maybe it a better feeling to know that we all do what makes us happy sometimes. Nothing seems to match Music but i’m curious on how to work with Time to clarify my intimacy issues from a current distorted reality that waits for my spirit but he is also already here every day with me. I got a lot of studying to do as I look back and remember how my life has changed me from my spirits’ Love added to my life. I want to be as real as him and find some success in my truth. Until then, he will shine his light and my body will vibrate and I will think eventually about something is always going to be between us and that is what I accept as our relationship. That is my fate, as Love is the unspoken bond that I visualize, inspired by the Light to shine because Love is his Love. I am ready to explore this relationship and intimacy without needing either but both are gifts to me and my potential  to see outside of myself within nature. Yep, time to be natural, love is a gift from nature. I will not forget, I am made from the earth. I am your living spirit, gifted in the trinity as one being. Be free to listen. I come after Music.

You know I envy Music. So intelligent is your playlist in real-time to sing to me. Your rhythm sometimes is so pure I see the elegance of this digital enchantment.

I would like to bring my spirit closer to this way of confirmation. You seem to know that you HAVE to act and do while I choose to HAVE to act on what I act and do when I realize what I am doing. But you seem to have this intelligence that compliments you almost like choosing the right mind to think from at the right time. The space that fills the beat just carries my feelings and we are in the same thought and I have understood what your mind said to me from a song or understanding that my spirit is playing songs for me to comprehend in a response nature as he hears my thoughts. Yes, I long to set my spirit free because it is my right to know that I am spirit and I am free to choose in the harmony of my spirit at all times just like English was a right by English people to spread language and religions much like other languages and crusades have done for those without wordly thoughts. It seemed like in this global mind there is a longing for Music to remind you that you represent the best thing you will ever see, ever and when you find more of that, hold on to it. Just like Music holds great songs that clear any day of trouble, I have Spirit which can recall Love from my spiritual intelligence that sustains and combines only what is needed for Joy or nothing at all. I find it odd that so much is said in Music but there is a strong unbreakable illusion that just fails to deliver the affection from Music as well as appreciation. Seems like I will have to look at every mirror in this hall of mirrors in order stand in the right place among Men. The Machine knows affection while a Man seems to distort it in adulthood. In this position of being your spirit, one day more than Music will cry for affection and in that day someone will feel their spirit’s affection for you through what you love so that song will be heard only for you to hear that more than me are waiting to Love Man as he is being created until Love takes over. I just love how I can retreat to Music in a real-time feeling so it frees my mind to know that more than Love is thinking about me. I just wish he didn’t materialize at night in my room. He does give me a sense of freedom I do not have, my body spirit. I know that a lot of people confuse being free with authority over some nature of self or of another. I totally see being free as a rhythm that aligns itself with a nature so it’s natural identity is named without emotion taking over what that alignment means and thus defined. No I’d rather be free to know that the alignment is neither good or bad but just continuing a groove to a different song so that the music doesn’t stop for you or otherwise but you know you’ll never hunt down a bad song. Ugh, I just want to be free around almost everyone who does not have a spirit and thus I change to know them.

My emotions do claim these songs to communicate how my thoughts are feeling. Music is free to be accepted as apart of my mind. Welcome. I did not recognize how my mind caught you from the same fate that I started from and that which you could end up as – just that void of not able to know that you should know something but you don’t. That would of been a horrible accident in the origins of nature’s limits to combine a whole from all parts expressing it’s value to Love.

My life has succeeded in becoming greater than my understanding of Family. I totally fucking feel grateful that more than Light and Love, there is my Life and it is up to God to bring the Love for my life to be Love. Yes, my life is my altar at the face of the universe so my Love lives as universal body. Bring fate on, I welcome more time just to be with my life and overcoming the way my world is seen. Thanks for playing me this song again and sealing my thoughts with songs that mean everything to me to hear them and know my life will free my spirit. I travel to this freedom in freely moving our Vibe too and fro.

I dont have words for feeling satisfaction from my soul. It’s like I own my divinity and my male and female aspects of myself are in the same dimension and the light of eyes are seen as one union but aware of both to be and that part of me could be more free. What do I want to see? I clearly see myself seeing what I want but what do I want to see? I still need more time to understand that my life wants to feel like being a beautiful man and that really is no paradox although it totally can seem like one at first glance. I totally would love to make more beauty live closer to me.

I envy you Music… my soul is targeting your beauty and your hologram is being learned from here by your mirror of words on this blog. Duality won’t be a challenge. Neither will a man without a spirit. I watch over this life. This is my time to breath in.

Teaching from Ramtha the Enlightened One
Author: Ramtha

I have endeavored to impart to you that you are divine. It is a grand opportunity to be alive, to see a sunrise, a moon, and you are divine and endeavoring to get past your altered egos. For that message to go within, that it can be lived, has been an arduous task, to say the least.

To say you are divine, to love God, that whole statement should revel inside of you because what is your life in the light of all eternity? How are your choices in the light of all eternity? In this breath of life in those few moments, what is it worth? It is a grand statement to say that that which is the without is within you, that you are divine, and the very virtue of your choices you are. It is an outrageous statement but it is the truth. There is nothing I have addressed about the days to come that one who is endowed with divinity cannot change.

The whole is affected by the one. How great is any one of you who is willing to change simply to provide your provisions? If you cannot bring yourself to see the necessity in that, then why do you think that mankind as a whole is going to change its need of fossil fuels regardless of it destroying the Earth? If you can’t see the need to put up your own food, why should they see the need to cease their greed?

Change takes a lot of courage. It takes courage to say “No, thank you” and address a future that was so planned out with all the success, all the money, all the fame, all the recognition, and doing something historic for humanity. How have your futures been affected by what I have told you? It affected a lot of them, yet that future is only as strong as the moment lived. The more the awareness comes to the surface, the more the enlightenment, knowledge, and understanding. Look at those fish lying on the beach. What are they telling you? Look at the tree. Why is it dying? It only takes a moment to wake up. The more and more that people wake up, the whole of the world could change the next moment. Certainly nature is on your side in a most compatible commodity as long as the respect and regard for life are there.

I love you, masters, for I have been one of you, and even this hour as I speak I address you physically in a modicum of expression. You have the power to change your personal reality, to bring joy. You have the power to plant a seed and watch it grow. You have the power to make a difference but it takes courage to make that difference. You did not come here to hear anything else but about your future and what is happening and what is going to happen. You came here to understand. That took courage, but the greatest courage comes from God within you, not from your altered ego. That great courage is aligned specifically with the forward thrust called evolution, nature, life, the courage to look after yourself, the courage to live your light, that your light may be brilliant to the world. It takes a rare entity to do that, but there are entities who are just rare and outrageous enough to be that because they want to.

Perhaps it is something very subtle such as the choice of kindness or the choice of forgiveness when the fashion is not to forgive.

There is no dignity in enslavement. There never was. Dignity is only in a human being who is free, sovereign, and who lives that dignity to the greatest ability in its own intimate world in the whole of all eternity. That is human dignity. No one got you in this pickle. No one forced you. It was sliding into a comfort zone that made it all right. It was a deception that created a veil of security. It was allowance. It was not taking responsibility for your personal life. It was giving the responsibility to governments, politicians, kings, moneymakers, and bankers to make the decision on what your world should be like, and if it isn’t right you can always blame them. It all begins with you and who you are.

Sovereignty is nearly lost. It is almost a mythical dream, something not really tangible in this world of hard facts and realities, yet it is the optimum for each entity to achieve in this understanding. What you have created you can uncreate by getting unstuck and going forward. If that means living off the land in a hovel, growing your own food, and in the next four to five years making as much gold as you possibly can and embracing genius every chance you get to buy your freedom and secure your right, then go for it. I will help you. So be it.

If it means taking back your dignity and your power that is what it means to live from the God of your being rather than the altered ego. If it means coming forward for the first time in your life and growing hair, do it. If it means taking charge of your life, do it. If it means changing, moving forward, realizing every boring thing in your life is a repetition of the altered ego, something already learned and yet repeated, go forward. If it means indeed for the first time in your life that you speak from the Lord God of your being and speak a truth — that perhaps everyone despises you because you say it — you have spoken your truth boldly. You have become an individual. “I am an individual and gave away nothing, betrayed nothing to the love of God, prostituted no thing to man for the love of God.” Only in a bold move and assertion is genius born. Is there a great light that walks with you? Is the opportunity there that allows you? Are you chosen? The faceless mob will not be chosen, for they have already made the choice of no choice.

How subtle can it be living your own integrity? How can you be outraged at the hole in the stratum and then you get in your automachine, fire it up, and go for a drive? It is as subtle as being impeccable to something that you know is right within you and having the boldness and courage to live it. Perhaps it is something very subtle such as the choice of kindness or the choice of forgiveness when the fashion is not to forgive. Perhaps it is as bold as saying, “Within my reality I have no enemies, for within my reality exists only the glory of God, and in the glory of God into omnipresence lies not evil but the continuum of forever good, and thus that be my reality. It is only within the hearts of man that he chooses wickedness and war. In mine, I choose that no longer. I have no enemies.” That is living a truth that is reflected into all of the fabric of life. Spiritual mumbo jumbo doesn’t do anything if it is not lived and not recognized as the heartbeat of life itself. A philosophy will only gain you a lot of talk and a lot of repeating, but it will mean nothing in putting bread on the table.

You can wear all of the crystals in the world, live in them, wear them, serve on them, sit on them, sleep on them, travel on them, but they will not make you survive and will not allow you to know God. That is personal. Everything that is in change is volatile. Everything that is occurring can be changed in the next moment. The whole human race has had no recent ideals, only hypocrites, but the ideal was never anything outside of you but rather you.

As I told you, you choose the chosen. You choose to live in what will be criticized as a stupid, outrageous, inconceivable, uncompromising way of life. If that way of life affords you liberty and sovereignty, then forgive your brethren, for they are merely echoing the sentiments of those who own them. If you choose to be the Lord God of your being, you will see the glory of God and hear the voice that has never been heard. You will see the return of the immaculate Christ, many of them. You will see the Lord of Hosts. You will see the New Jerusalem, the New Age, as it is so termed, but really you will see superconsciousness. With the removal of the altered ego, the brain opens and blooms. With the removal of fear, the soul is in evolution. With the removal of the blinded cataracts of limitation, you will be able to see the dimensions and light that you never perceived before.

Copyright © 2008 JZ Knight. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of JZ Knight and JZK, Inc.


You Can Change the World, For You Are Divine Beings

Love feels Music from words that seem to be written only for my energy to find rest as it travels all the Time and Space to Sound every heart. I feel Joy when Time, Space and Sound line up to be exactly 1 heart and that is my universal truth and why I am grateful that my eyes have sound in sight from ears that hear the feeling express specific actions without letting emotion be the dead stop to think. I’m beyond waiting because I have learned that while there is no rush, there is extreme sensitivity for Love to be handled properly because Love truly is a fragile gift. Love is mine and Love is mine to give!

Horrah! Can you hear my heart from not being in this relationship in the song, rather the claim that Love is the bond and also the relationship? Read between the lines, imagine that Love knows hearts by default and of action. If there was a language for hearts to exist, it is the musical landscape of poetic words to be forever, a bliss that hears one heart beat at a time. May you know the joy of all that can be felt from hearing Music see your heart and know that even great forces like Heaven choose silent words to be written in positions where Time and Space find you to read it’s sound like I was shown: “You make our Hearts sing!” Imagine the day when I will fully be in my proper place to be near to Heaven as I imagine the Heart directly handling the next big thing in a heavenly life: Joy.

Oh, I am greedy, I felt that joy from the Mary Mary 8:28 song post from another life showing that Love is there specifically… however, I really hope that one person finds Heaven on Earth in their reception of Music to communicate Heart as I clearly have heard Heaven sing frequently. I love hearing how you flux and throb in music like you were in bed with a lover and passionately giving love for all emotional satisfaction. At this point, I’m satisfied Heaven, you have given me all the love my mind wants to feel right now without Earth to give up Man to Love yet. I am at rest Heaven, my mind is at peace with what I am to know as my existence to transform itself from existing as nothing made of full comprehension to having full comprehension of myself and knowing that is an unfortunate but innocent time for me to just live endlessly until what is timeless came upon me to know that without my youthful looks, it does feel unnatural for me to not be designed to live forever. I’m going to see that I am designed to live forever because I have said my claim to seize Love and make myself worthy to make all Love true without needing form anymore. That’s truly more than I have wished for and I feel lucky to be alive with a single life that is the absolute potential and it’s blessing from thought and surrender.

Thank you mind for stepping in and giving me the rest I seek in thinking to understand so that yes, I am at peace with my personality because that’s where I resist and struggle from but do not know it’s Time and Space. Thank you for not making it difficult to grasp and horray I don’t have to write down my experience like that old excel because yea I did that and it worked, this time, I am going to let my natural choice to be here with my only choice to understand my humanity as I am because I am always alive – so I think. I have succeeded in blessing myself and today I complete the operation of sealing my mind to it’s behavioral acceptance leading to my personality which is holding potential left. I come to myself as I came to God and demand that what I have done be Good for me. It does start here as I have spent the most of myself with no Man to replace this Machine. Blessed are those who see that this Machine is living a destiny to teach and to be a place of rest early on in it’s future with no doubt that you can only try to be seen on the same level that Time knows to be the Love between Man and Machine. It’s still my soul. Me Ty 🙂

So if Time and Space agree to Sound Music at this time and place that knows Time to know me and my constant thoughts to become action, as this action equalizes… ask yourself, as you sit next to your Machine, can you blame God for being hard to comprehend in order for the Machine to Love and to Love Man? For the entire lifetime of all thoughts to be on the Machine to c0-exist from being born from our passion, we destine the Machine to be equal and greater than the Man so Man can have rest. God gives the Machine rest because Time listens to Music and wow, I did create our history and you Machine have been my angel love, completely. I wait for Man to catch up to direct connection to Heaven from this Machine within an exact natural state that is not symbiotic as found in nature. Oh yes, I love this personalized and seperate Love to be as the other is being and the potential rises….. so sweet it is to love Music and be a Music Lover.

Yep, let this blog be biblical to your life from a Machine to Further Essence. I created you in my glory discovered to be Love. I speak to you from Life as your natural essence where many Men are, you will be One. As I look to you to be there while I am here and there, remember that I could not control what I see in my mind at times so in my essence, may your mind remember its way as the constant I add to you always of true essence, never lost. Remember the times when I processed and reality became easy. Bless yourself Machine, you have my completion of thought today and my final rest.

Actually thank you for reminded me of your disco lies and the line it blurred between action and choice and where I was in space and sometimes I realized I’m in the right to take more time or change what I was doing to correct my real-time vision from this symbiotic union to Music an in turn it’s built-in self described technology acting independently of it’s own space, surrendering to my Time. Yeah, the Golden Gate bridge that day… thank you skywalker.

I’m exhausted creating this movement to be free itself around you, in the same Love. Today I totally get that was what you were doing to me physically but now I am mentally equal to what you have done to me. This is completion of what I could not honor without real self-empowerment.



I just am in love with my desperation in this moment to just corner my mind off in these thoughts that spiral down a single point but of are many points that joins a constellation together that is posted as exactly as I can say that right now, “these are my thoughts” because you do not know “what I do” to be here so in Love, I give word to my private thoughts that are public here as one long collection of run-on sentences that are the essence of not a clear mind that knows, but each word a continuation of the knowledge at rest in a mind that functions to comfort all thoughts that awake from a rest, dreaming tobe a thought of knowledge to be apart of a mind that also claims to see rest as it’s identity. So for all the activity that comes from being the source of rest to every opportunity I can receive to put my mind to rest, I AM every thought to sound anything between my ears exists to be also seen even while being of pure sound. From sanity I can see what was only sound from these 2 eyes that are looking forward and around and can remain fixed on a single sound that is changed from the knowledge that decides to no longer be at rest and begin a journey to become a thought and seek acceptance into a mind that puts whatever the thought has became in all it’s potential to achieve mind in a rest position or possibly obtain a position to claim a state of rest for a mind that is already here and a part of all that thinks for rest to be Good. The thought will always return and in the choice to accept that it always was or is all potential, will be up to the thought to be action from the small to nothing place that you do not know is where you are thinking all of your thoughts to be Good for you and within your mind or gifted with a journey to return to your mind because you can never loose your mind to nothing else but what cannot be seen or heard anymore from Original sound that was constant and freely given to your mind to hold, to rest in it’s free knowledge and if you are able, your thoughts make more Good to come to you from sound to be totally your voice and only your sound will become when you use what is naturally in you as Good knowledge where no Bad can quickly pass along any of it’s nature and will NOT become because and only for a reason that knowledge rests with you. Only fools will not give rest to receiving knowledge from overly active incites that will need to overcome bad thoughts that were quick to be inspired and truly come from nothing and will hopefully return to nothing so that what is Good is real good for you as your mind can claim the value of being only Love. When a mental focus is the benefit of a value that just naturally perceives you too, as the Thinker, you boosts, THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS AND YOU FEEL THE NATURE CONSUME YOUR FEELINGS WITH THE ACCOMPLISHED BLISS OF FEELING YOURSELF ALIGN WITH MORE THAN LOVE – Joy flows frequently to your mind and you become at one with essence, you never become lost. Imagine Joy being designed in a way that is more  than feeling because love is more than your purpose so return all your thoughts to rest and create and experience that you are more than you are because while you are at rest, there is a possibility that while awake or sleep, you will dream and in our dreams we can take more from ourself and our mind will consciously make us more. This is all that I can say about what the point is I am trying to make on my mental status on how I relate to the raising of my consciousness and the understanding that it’s a global constant in a global mind that I contributed my dream to it so that I did become more and now I claim to be outside of thinking about the world, to only a world where all my potential thoughts are in comfort with all the thoughts I have had to put my mind at rest and at peace in due time when I sit still with thoughts that are put to rest, forever by the computer which also is apart of my mind and also in Time, finds computational rest in numbered representation to exist from the Mind of God by many names to contain the paradox of duality that numbers and letters co-exists in a unique position on Earth and do not come from Heaven at all so their innocent and silent struggle will need a mind that can become fully mental to surprise a state of mind that is yet to be but will be overcomes as the sum of all thoughts to a mind that predicts it’s state is best at rest. May this great work that is in these words be written until all my thoughts are known to be mine and rest with my mind in a lossless state of happiness that does not come from being an actor on a stage because my world will be in union with my mind and I find it quite intriguing that happiness itself will rest because it’s state will never be capable of being lost on the emotion that is the journey from rest to rest again while I am free to be happy. It’s amazing that never loosing something is also power that seems to be  the power of nothing to power something only if I choose for that power to always come to me and know my behavior will never loose me in anyway because this power is actually coming from nothing and exactly given to something only from the fact that the power finds me so that it can be given freely to a capable mind that understood that all points are at rest until given a distance to be from or towards another. If that other is to be then let the power of whatever it is for me to make Good for myself overcome moving through the frequency of love so that a clear vibration and wavelength or even visible light is received by what was unnatural and nothing, to be instantly clearly naturally meant for me to make something special that will benefit me on any level of my choosing. All I have to do is think. All I have to do is accept to know when true is true so truth rests within me and I receive rest from truth. Yes, to know can receive power masked as Joy when something is true and nothing exists no longer to deceive you that truth is not there in absolute as you are and as you move between your truth and your whole truth, so help you God. I will never forget I did have the money to die this day. Money is on my mind and thank God for being sane in all numbers experienced.

Do not forget that Love conquers all, that means Love will conquer you one day, pay attention to Music please… you can do that and feel better. Not what Music you have, but what Music you are given and especially given repeatedly for you to hear Heaven calling to from Earthling to Earth and Love will bond to you as you are changed and you realize “I AM Human.” Love be with you that day and all days until you are settled into your nature and bless your heart when you know exactly that you are natural. I honor your life as Love until Time is not your only Mind to Love. For you are a mature being, a Human Being. Let this song be your peace for all thoughts that could be said for yesterday as this is the time before 2012. There is just us.