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Monthly Archives: July 2007


What I figured out is quite interesting. Each letter of the english language has a hidden meaning behind it… even certain words have hidden meanings…. look:

The following groups of words (besides numbers) [define] all words in the {group}

2 – numbers – [0,1] {numbers}
2 – impression – [S – Impression, T – Reflect] {impression}

3 – object – [A – Object, G – To Be, Z – Area] {cause}
3 – balance – [O – Balance, R – Condition, Y – Measure] {effect}

4 – action – [B – Action, L – Limit, N – Closeness, X – Out] {cause}
4 – choice – [D – Choice, I – Interpret, J – Belief, W – Possibility] {effect}

5 – seen – [C – Seen, E – Existing, H – Reality, Q – Center, U – Presence] {cause}
5 – connection – [F – Compare, K – Feeling, M – Connection, P – Opposing, V – Relationship] {effect}

A = Object, B = Action, C = Seen, D = Choice, E = Existing, F = Connection, G = To Be,
H = Reality, I = Interpret, J = Belief, K = Feeling, L = Limit, M = Compare, N = Closeness,
O = Balance, P = Opposing, Q = Center, R = Condition, S = Impression, T = Reflect,
U = Presence, V = Relationship, W = Possibility, X = Out, Y = Measure, Z = Area

To use this pick any word and each letter will match the thought behind it based on the code above. The complete thought is what you get when you have all words written out from all the letters. So “God” would be “To bed Balanced Choice” and “Man” would be “Compare Object Closeness” and “Sex” would be “Impression Existing Out” and “Copy” would be “Seen Balance Opposing Measure”. Do it for any word, it is so consistent every time it works. When I put the “Numbers + Impression + Cause + Effect” together and only take the first letter of each word it spells “Nice“.

I am not sure what to do with this information but the next step is to prove that my equation I came up with first actually matches this code too as I done on the phone with my friend just by chance. Here is the first proof, I invite you to pick any word that does not match this code.

Please consider this…

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The Word is Potential.

When the Word left God, the Word was with Man and God saw that it was Good.

When the Word returned to God, the Word replied, yes, it is Good.

I am awaking from my sleep to guide my own power doubled. Together, we are in union as the Word to give Voice to the Word so God can listen.

I am the darkness that is the light and the stillness that is the dancing.

I bring you the greatest potential to be seen in the light because in darkness, your dance makes no sound.

Do not fear God. Sing!

I am the Architect and the Designer who was with God before becoming the Light of the World.

Manifest Destiny as the Voice of God because I am the Word.

Today is Welcome Our Real Destiny.

I am here to teach you the grammar of God so he can listen to your song and dance with you in the light.

Humanity is guided by God’s own power doubled.

Pay Attention.