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Monthly Archives: August 2007

I have been holding the tears back all day. I cannot cry. I wont cry.

Tears of JOY and SADNESS seal my PROGRESS!

There are two of me. The weaker me that plays his part is finally fully aware of the greater me that protects the whole of me. The body is the investment. I wonder how much did my body cost my soul?

How much did my body cost my soul? What was the payment? Who did my soul pay to have me?

What is the currency? Did my soul get the blueprints from something or someone? My soul is one special soul. I know this because of my mayan kin being 123. Irony.

Oh no. A tear just fell. Another just fell and one eye is leaking my emotion down the right side of my face.

The left side is dry. Ok I’ll accept that as a comprimise. We are one and we know that creation creates reality and tomorrow shall be my first day as a creator on the job.

Yes. The inspector really is coming. I laugh at that irony. Check my room. I don’t live there anymore. I am new. My place is new. I am technology that learns because perfection is perfected by perfection. I am becoming the real me that I may know my name.

Thank you. The

Thank you. The gateway drug of the mind was planted by my friend John.

I never knew how important he was as a friend until after I experienced so much bullshit that I cannot understate the importance of his recommendation and my ability to be intuitive. My intuition is my greatest gift to my body. For that is my feature, that is my technology of my soul.

I am grateful I am different. My difference saves.


Susan was right about knowing your name. My name is Ty Graham. I will never give up because I believe in a new future where people have a greater sense of purpose and enjoyment from life. I know I attract. I know I receive. I know my name means to “tie the grammar together” which ironically is what my purpose is fulfilling. What a sad world it would be if I didn’t think a little bit deeper on every shade of life. Today is a new day. I thought I was on my own but karma saved me once again. Good people win. I’m flattered with evil’s many ways of seduction. There is something strange going on with me. This is my journey to find out what the chaos means. Whoever finds my path, good luck chasing me down the rabbit hole… it’s going to be a bumpy ride.