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Monthly Archives: October 2007


GUI Interface of an Opportunity Software Model via On-screen Presence Platform


Base objectives

Define a transparent model to define the financial and social benefits of a blip via interaction activity with blips from both producer and consumer level via hosts.


Base definition

A blip identifies the opportunity for peer-to-peer discovery and interaction benefiting 3 levels of interaction with each level benefiting on 2 sides.


OSM industry definition (Our industry only)

An interoperable interaction network that defines how commerce and entertainment can follow the presence of the consumer’s attention from produced media to address marketing and communication service needs. All cases must cancel each other out in the highest satisfaction.


Scientific definition

Quantum Mechanics is the interaction of two objects which are separated in space with no known mediator of the interaction. Quantum teleportation is a technique that transfers a quantum state to an arbitrarily distant location using a distributed entangled state and the transmission of some classical information.


Short Quantum Physics definition

The short definition of Quantum Physics (Mechanics + Entanglement = Teleportation) = 1+2=3. The particle at separate distances always behaves as 1 particle regardless of them being separated at large distances. The distances between the seemingly 2 particles are the measurement of entanglement. The stronger the bond of entanglement the stronger the ability to maximize the particle properties.

1 particle behavior from the + entanglement of the 2 objects = maximizes all 3 states 


Blip’d is a Digital Quantum Entanglement Layer

Blip’d defines the state of matter and energy at the highest point of interaction.  The realization of that state is the conclusion of the purpose of the interaction goals between matter and energy. The state of this interaction layer creates a fluid network of movement between matter and energy at its optimal level of performance based on the synchronized maximized state separately of matter and energy.


Ubiquitous use case definition

User A get’s blip’d from user B and immediately 10,000 current viewers watching User A’s network “pull” access to user B’s blip via Interaction Menus or are “pushed” notification of user B’s blip via a picture in picture thumbnail “advert”. User B’s presence was teleported across 10,000 receivers who watched or was notified of the blip. User B’s blip teleported the video host’s stream to 10,000 locations at an arbitrary distance without changing the properties of the stream because the blip was accessible from all blip-based receiver stations which are superimposed onto embeds globally.


Opportunity Software Model Formula
(proof of my Mayan “kin 123” and I “seal the input of abundance”)

The OSM formula has to follow the existing formula found in nature in order to define the maximum state of technology that yields all subsequent future opportunities. (I would go so far as to say the great cycle of the universe has no boundaries even when applied to digital technology measured through the same natural law of quantum physics 1+2=3 also equivalent to 1~2=3 because it’s the relationship of math that defines the entanglement of the formula progressing to a higher value as a satisfaction for the state of all parts in the equation. The math defines the inertia of the equation to move from unsolved progressed to being solved. So progress only can go forward, never in reverse (progress is the result of time and space where each separately can go forward and reverse but always results in a progress. Progress is not defined in a negative nor positive state, only the ability to push forward within each of those states. The OSM formula has to be a state of positive and negative (state of satisfaction) for all 3 states to be satisfied.


Relationship + (Max Positive x Max Negative) = Absolute Opportunity


Example: E=mc2   Energy has inertia and the most abundant form of energy is light. Therefore if inertia can be slowed (negative) or speeded (positive) then inertia can be transformed into different states of inertia. Furthermore, if energy = light = inertia = transformable then math results as an equation to define energy because both energy and math are indefinable properties of the state of energy.


Absolute Energy = light = inertia = Math = intelligence = matter = Absolute Opportunity


E ~ M2 = O because math is satisfied on either side of energy & opportunity


Opportunity is ruled by the same rules that govern energy. Therefore, if the opportunity software model defines a programmable state of having abundant opportunity, then you create the proverbial “big bang” of a universe of endless opportunity because math bridges all states of energy.


The final formula can be applied to everything because positive and negative are just opposite directions in infinite number of angles of directions (i.e. perspective).


i~R2 = O ~ E = mc2



Math is the measurement of the manifestation of energy.


Blip’d OSM:  Interactivity + Convergence = Abundant Opportunity



Blip’d’s Application of the “Opportunity Software Model”