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Monthly Archives: January 2008


Hunami is apart of me.
Hunamiu is the name of my dream.

Who? Not Me! You? means “Hu? Na Mi! U?”

No asian influence whatsoever.

Just love for human progress.

Who? Not Me! You? means w?NM!y? means “water? Nature Man! you?”


Water is the base of life
Nature defines life through Man
You make life matter


Love is undefined.

I just got my first $1 million dollar investment proposal today.

I should be really happy.

I am.

Intention meaning:

1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

Interpret Close Reflect Existing Close Reflect Interpret Balance Close =

Existing Balance Close = 534= Seen Balance Action

Attention meaning:

1.the act or faculty of attending, esp. by directing the mind to an object.  

Object Reflect Reflect Existing Close Reflect Interpret Balance Close

Object Existing Reflect Interpret Balance = 35243 = Object Seen Impression Choice Balance

Tension meaning:

1.the act of stretching or straining.  

Reflect Existing Close Impression Interpret Balance Close

Reflect Existing Impression Interpret Balance = 25243 = Impression Seen Impression Choice Balance
I won’t say anything more than just representation of the code here.

Body = AlphaMathematical = Mind

Why is it so hard to imagine a universal code?

It seems crazy to not imagine that such a code would exist. If science can de-compile nature’s secrets and develop universals to explain animal communication, culture and evolution then why should humans be so different? The Ego is too much to even believe that faith will ever end. Don’t get me wrong, I am a believer in faith but at some point one would have to say “thats enough”. Why be faithful for all eternity with no peticular result?

Think about the wonders that such a code would benefit:

Universal Language Translator
There seems to be a hint at the code that if you understand that the english language can incorporate traits from many other languages to be spoken by the most cultures of the world then using the code to decode the way language is used to describe everything you see in reality can even decode reality itself. Meaning, each reality is described by the language of the creator that speaks to that reality. For example, If C=Seen & M=Connection then the any words or sounds that start with the same structure of the “C” sound or the “M” sound can be decoded to meaning even if the words itself may not be the same words in both languages.

Loco en la Cabasa = “Crazy in the Head” in Spanish or “You’re Crazy” in English.

So how could one prove viablility that the code works as a universal translator?


Loco en la Cabasa =Limit Balance Seen Balance Existing Close Limit Object Seen Object Action Object Impression Object

Existing Close Action Impression

You are Crazy= Relationship Balance Presence Object Condition Existing Seen Condition Object Area Relationship

Balance Presence Existing Seen Area (English) vs Existing Close Action Impression (Spanish)

Balance Presence Seen Area

Close Action Impression

Existing is common from both so in theory one could deduct that the “idea” is of something existing in a “space” is interpreted as doing something to determine an “impression”.

The “Impression” is not only the “thought” but also the “body of the thought” in which the body represents the whole idea behind doing something in a space.

Close Action Impression must mean “Something doing something means Something”

Isn’t that a better way to start off determining the meaning of a language you know nothing about?

Loco en la cabasa = lowest denominator = Existing Close Action Impression

Now I could split this up into LNA to determine WHAT is something, WHAT is doing because I need to know WHAT something means:

Existing Close E=2 & C=2, E = 5, C=5

LNA: E=2 & C=2,
NICE: E = 5 (Seen), C=5 (Seen)


Action Impression

LNA: A=4, I=2
NICE: A=3 (Object), I=4 (Choice)



9=Consciousness Level = Head

Existing Close Action Impression

Something = Head.

Head doing Head means Head.

Is crazy something that can be defined as either positive or negative?

No because I am not given enough information in the phrase Loco en la Cabasa

But now that I do know what is being talked about in the phrase, i.e the Head. Then I can rephrase the full LRM code in it’s full glory and short state:

Limit Balance Seen Balance Existing Close Limit Object Seen Object Action Object Impression Object= Talking about the Head

Existing Close Action Impression = Talking about the Head.

Let’s do something random and count the number of words in the code:

Limit =2, Balance=2, Seen=2, Existing=1, Close=1, Object=4, Action=1, Impression=1

2×3, 1×4, 4×1

6, 4, 4 = 6+4+4= 16-1+6=7

7=Thought Level

I don’t endorse the above random method but it does give some insight as to 7 +9

Thought and Consicousness