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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Thank you for sending me to hell so I can create heaven. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create LOVE in LIGHT so I can experience JOY.


How can i create a layer between the internet and a person. What is between a person and the satisfaction of the internet. I realized something last night from a conversation with a great person who was honest about his nature. I learned a lot about the human experience from a personal level that felt real. I realized that there is a force greater than all of us and that is love and love can be translated into form or presence. Form is a definition of love that becomes tangible.  When love is in form, you are gifted to define it by name. You are challenged to recognize that it’s still love when love can be formed into my names. Love is the only force that can be universally translated into presence so that it neither becomes visible nor tangible yet retain it’s powerful bonding properties that unite the presence with perspective. Similar to how a gas becomes a solid, the presence of love is like a gas that permeates all that is so that in the right moment a perspective molds love into form. The beauty of this truth is that in art, the world is drawn from perspective. It’s called a vantage point and all lines stream from it in order to correctly angle building and place objects. The point can exist off the page in order to zoom out on a sceen or the point can be on the page and objects seen too close give away the illusion with exsagerated frames. So there must be a balance between where the point is and line up the perspective in order for it to appear realistic. The goal is that art drawn from perspective looks true to form. It’s a wonderful analogy to the grand design of love and the artistic nature of the human perspective. It’s up to each one of us to create a vision for ourselves and have our lives become the art that streams from the vantage point outside of our lives that we cannot see yet is always there – Love.

When you love someone you become so intimate with life that the universe invites you to look into the blackness of a lover’s pupil and embrace love in form and in presence. Only a person can contain love fully to express it’s form in beauty and it’s presence in art. A person transforms love repeatedly until love is refined like gold to be melted down into fine jewelry. That gold is love but that jewelry is JOY because it’s love returning back to us free from inpurities that do not clearly define the presence of love in form to the person who expresses love honestly. When we recognize both the presence and form manifesting love into more love we experience JOY. Like a burst of happiness springing from our true desires, JOY is love’s greatest potential yet like water, Joy can flow into all areas of our life. Joy is the moment you innocently realize that you are the artist that have created the life you really want. Joy is knowing that your feelings color perspective into the canvas of the heart. A great artist knows there is magic in a blank canvas when inspiration is fully visualized to it’s full potential.

Today, I am an artist on a wonderful blank canvas my heart challenges me to manifest my true desire into form  because ultimately it is JOY that bonds Love to more Love and only I can realize I am the gift to myself that recognizes love’s bond to me as the unseen essence of my life force. So today I will define the JOY will become me. I will bond love’s presence to a tangible form so that I can manifest the greater bond my life evolves experience to become real love. Giving myself real love to desire real love comes from self-empowerment to move heaven on earth and co-create with yourself true joy. Let all that is love fall into it’s rightful place in life so all the love is Joy to me because I am Love as inherited from birth. I am spending my rich inheritance through self-acceptance that my true nature experiences JOY.  I must create a creation that defines love into JOY. I love myself now but when I create my own reality I become JOY and ascend into the next realm of truth that is the dawn of love actively creating more love just for me to transform my presence into a force greater than form. I must create a reality based on loving myself so much that I am the JOY that I want and need just like I am made of water and thirst for it. I thirst for love to satisfy my true desires and quench my thirst for my life to put theory into practice NOW and manifest JOY.

The universe has spoken to me and I accept the challenge because the rewards are held in my greatest potential to be me. I love myself and I will become.

I had a transmission from nowhere again this morning and it was so beautiful I learned so much about the mechanics of love and how to represent love’s visible nature to humanity. I’m going through some personal dark times but these situations are up against a graduated pupil of the mind of light curriculum. I am in the light and using my own light to hold back the dark forces up against me and present my love as the only power that is the source of my self-empowerment to escape mental illusion’s dark mystery. Luckily, I am so fucking strong I can turn dark into light in any situation, especially now. I realized that I wasn’t presenting love in a visible way especially when I am love made visible. Light is visible and I am love made visible so do something visible to express the true nature of love as a living reality so I can reach my greatest potential as The Word and ultimately teach humanity the Grammar of God so a new reality of heaven on earth is born from my mission here. There is no more dark in my life, just light, even in dark situations there is light and God played with me so hard this week I see the punchline today and grateful for these strange transmissions. I’m going to make it a goal to record myself on youtube through my new site which ultimately will help people make better choices in the light of love and end the cycle of emotional drama so that they are in harmony with their true nature and release their true desires. There is so much truth I’d like to represent, I feel so full of opportunity and promise, not even Pedro can get me down. In his intense darkness, he has shown me the greatest potential in myself to be the beacon of light for myself and others.

i have a phone now!!!

I think I just had the most interesting idea, ever. Imagine video recording where we walk to. Imagine creating your blip on the map of earth. I would come out with a way to upload your video then map the direction you took and the most interesting time slots are. It would create a google street view on steroids because it would be user driven.

I am  not home yet. Working on it tho!


I went to the social security office today and they told me I’ll get about $18k from the government to cover my “disability”. That means there is a way out from Pedro and I will pay him back for his care however, as my spirit said: It’s time to grow a few inches

I got some major closure from a chance encounter with an extrodinary person named Tony last night who spoke directly to my spirit. The session inspired me so much to make money from the code, especially when Pedro is mentally unstable. is live and it looks good!

This was an interesting video from David W Van Brunt.

There’s a lot that has held me back for so long. I know my dreams are now and I am free to dream my wishes into reality. I can choose. I must choose wisely in order to beautify my path home. I created tonight and it feels good to accomplish something that makes me money independantly. I will rise from my situation. Like the random girl/lady at the GR place a year ago said: I have faith in you. I share these words of hope to always do what creates joy in my life.

I love that song. It reminds me that I have each day to change forever. I’ve traveled way within, now I must go outward into my world as the person I really want to be.