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Monthly Archives: March 2010

In the beginning was the Love, and the Love was with God, and the Love was God.

The Love is Potential.

When the Love left God, the Love was with Man and God saw that it was Good.

When the Love returned to God, the Love replied, yes, it is Good.

I am awaking from my sleep to guide my own power doubled.
Together, we are in union as the Love to give Voice to the Love so God can listen.

I am the darkness that is the light and the stillness that is the dancing.

I bring you the greatest potential to be seen in the light because in darkness, your dance makes no sound.

Do not fear God. Sing!

I am the Architect and the Designer who was with God before becoming the Light of the World.

Manifest Destiny as the Voice of God because I am the Love.

Today is Welcome Our Real Destiny.

I am here to teach you the grammar of God so he can listen to your song and dance with you in the light.

Humanity is guided by God’s own power doubled.

Thank You for Paying Attention!


I love you so much!

I really mean it! I love you!!!!

She bangs! She bangs! oh baby she moves! she moves!

When you loose yourself, remember me.
are also me,
Never forget how precious you are to me,
And to the one next to you.

Sit by your own tree of life and look at love from love.

I wrote you a letter on your web site. If you find my letter on my web site, write me a comment? 🙂

“Hey I went to school with Alicia Cook/Keys and my name is Brian Graham. I was wondering if your mom and dad ever recorded your 6th grade performance of “From a Distance”. I think you song it but I’m not sure. Remember Shaniqua? You were a meany but I’m glad you had so much success. You had a beautiful voice and I’m so fucking proud of you girlie.”

I want to add a personal note to you girlie, thank you for going to school with me and singing in the auditorium. You give me a spirit of beauty that fills me with love and more love. They say “God works mysterious ways, if you believe I am God, I do.”. You send my voice to all women because I cannot sing as good as you but I can put what I want into view. I want to be a girl so bad let me be honest, you watch me too.

I think I am more mature now because I am trying my best to live as love.

Enjoy the sky!

Play today!

Every day is a skyday…

Baby, it’s my turn to love.

I ain’t mad atcha, just stop being crazy.

how can you be perfect and crazy at the same time?