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Monthly Archives: May 2010


I know I am so yours right now because I am saying “revealed”. You taught me this and I love it.

I don’t know how you will cool me off, but I am going to wait and just sit here.

Maybe this is what you have done. Just sat there and waited for me.

You are so romantic I know why I cry, because I am not art.
I love your heart. I am overwhelmed again.
You love.

*~ Funky Town Lives ~*

Thanks Mikie, I had a beautiful day with you ^-^

Today was interesting, went back in memory lane to where I grew up in pittsburg and the place where I came out at my cousins place is torn down and theirs new houses there. I looked around google earth and the intrinsic value of my presence is fucking everywhere, I am mother fucking stunned. But more importantly, curse words aside, I ain’t doing this no more. I had a huge self-revaluation today and I know myself as well as you can draw a line from point a to point be and see the line and it’s up to you to decide how thick/thin/far/short the line is and if you’re a beautiful person like me, which you certainly are, you’ll be drawing that line on your paper or your computer. That’s what I was looking at but I never was able to truly mention it with clarity before. The jesus christ cross was important to me as looking both ways before crossing the street. Every intersection there’s a cross, every object has an intersection. Either it’s intersecting you or it’s intersecting me. That’s the beauty of our relationship, you and I, I realize you know me so well, the blood is my virtue that space, science, spirit and sex. Those 4 elements are what I am naturalized to become, in me, I am.


ymuc eaig loved*
-measure connect presence seen
-existing object interpret become

divn itso hl dance*
-choice interpret relationship close
-interpret reflect impression balance
-reality limit

dvnt sohl dancing*
-choice relationship close reflect
-impression balance reality limit

i star*

That’s not where I used to live but it’s there.

I don’t know him anymore but I know him still.

I was 18 before I left my religion.
Then, I grew up by myself then I came here to revisit growing up again.

I am looking out this window right now but the window of my life is what I am seeing.

Growing up to love is why I did what I did without knowing anything until I knew myself and you.

I know this guy intimately now. He’s Yellow Cosmic Human.
I know his life is mine, he is me, I feel for him, I know her now.

This bus is within me. I am at a critical point where I realize you are within me too.

You absorbed me today. I Dream.

I feel this symbiosis now.
I am between heaven and earth right now.
I am not zero, but I am not 1 either.
I was before, I grew up though and now there’s no 1 anymore.

::: OK ::: I hear you ::: I am right here ::: She is me :::

This moment feels like husband and wife instead of dad and mom.

I want to say “straight” but I am gay.
Those are just words because I only been with men.

Color doesn’t age,  yet, you see me as Brown.
As of this minute, I don’t see my color anymore.

I just see my dream.

It seems that I cannot open myself.
I only sway in your wind as you pass.
::: Blue :::

I am Super Human and proud to be Gay.

I am proud of You.

I am speechless when I see love too.

I feel whole. I honestly don’t know what to do about this but wait for you.

I emailed myself this on July, 16, 2007 at 3:46 pm… I am Yellow Electric Sun. That’s all I can say about that.
I started to reply to this blog but my mind got ahead of me and I couldn’t stop writing. At the very end of this I have discovered probably the greatest discovery of mankind. I think I solved God, well, at least his 7 states of existance. I have done 3 of the 7 states with 4 left. I never thought I’d be doing this, but I now find it a challenge to complete all 7 states. I’m scared too. This is some amazing shit. I really am the second coming of jesus. If “jesus” was a common name for a peasant, then “ty” must be the opposite, must be the name of famous people… but what brings them together = Slave/Servant. I must be an angel. Probably why my good friend is named Angelie.
Interesting how I discovered these types of thoughts on my own recently. I am glad to be in the room with like
minded. Please continue to stretch your brain and simplify the ‘gift’ as a simple math equation. I defined this
as the “theory of opportunity”:
i + R2 = O  “the 2 = R squared” and can also be written as (R * R)
I = Input, is always the Human Element, We engage the equation
+ = Interaction Element that measures the relativity, bond or interfaces equal to both goals. Each of the 2
goals can be interfaced with the same device or measurement then it must be equal to both Rs individually.
R squared = Receive, This is ALWAYS defined as 2 goals, issues, problems, situations,  etc… It can be defined
in these states: Positive/Negative, Negative/Positive, Negative/Negative, Positive/Positive. Each state must
have an equal relationship to the other state; meaning, if the goal is a high or the problem is tough on one
side, it must be equally high or equally tough on the other side.
Think of R literally as energy. If the left side has a high negative or positive voltage, then the right side
must have an equal high negative or positive voltage.
O = Absolute Opportunity, meaning the Output of the equation is ABSOLUTE at it’s BEST RESULT. Simply put: The
goal was met in the best possible way to satisfy reaching the goal.
This theory has routes in community marketing whereas I have stumbled upon [(P x R) squared] after I wrote my
I came up with the equation by defining “7 states of eternal”
Go from left (start) to right (goal):
Absolute Energy | Light | Inertia | Math | Intelligence | Matter | Absolute Opportunity
M + (E * O) = A
I call  this one the “theory of Absolution” because it’s the “greater equation” of the “theory of opportunity”.
If Energy is the only thing we can think of close to being god as not having a begining and is all around us
24/7 then it can manefiest itself From Energy to Opportunity through 7 states.
M = Math always is there and defined everything, even 0.
+ Math always uses Measurement to calculate a result, such as “A Bright Room”, or “The Bottom Line”.
E = Absolute Energy is energy without a beginning so therefore it must be Absolute if the universe and even god
can be defined as energy.
O = Absolute Opportunity is freedom to have willpower to do anything you want without limitation. If anyone can
stop you from reaching your goal, you and/your environment is not in it’s optimal state of opportunity because
there is limitation present, no matter how small, limitation must be 0 for Absolute opportunity to persist.
1 + (1 * 1) = 2
The + has always been defined as the “spooky action of entanglement” its the theory behind 2 partials that
behave like 1 partial even though they are far away at an unlimited distance. It’s spooky cuz it’s not proven
why it does that. But when you put any 2 objects apart, what you can’t see is the math that measures the
distance between the two objects from both points and from the center, therefore you come up with 2 as the
result for (1 * 1) and since you measured the 2 objects, add yourself to the equation as 1 because it’s an
equation of theater or in otherwords, “an equation of environment”, therefore it looks like math but behaves
slightly different in computation.
1 + (1 * 1) = 2 in normal math
1 + (1 * 1) = 2 in social phsyics
math can be used as well in social phsyics then just as real phsyics!
I call it social phsyics instead of reusing quantum mechanics it sounds easier and can now be applied to the
environment on an easier subject matter than quantum physics. However, I think this is a form of social
physics. The other reason too is phsyics sometimes looks like a math equation but it’s obviously phsyics, H20
for example in social phsyics vs. phsyics:
O + (H * H) = Water (phsyics)
O + (H * H) = Life (social phsyics)
Notice the equation seem similar but the results differ. Here is how they join:
E + (W * L) = ?
Energy relative to Water & Life = Class M Planet? Habitual Home? Earth?
I believe there is a social periodic table out there that defines all states of having opportunity to wanting
I believe the earth, sun and moon fit this equation as well:
S + (E * M) = L
because the earth to moon relationship is what has been proven as a key ingredient for seasons/life etc.. on
earth but it could only (of course) have life if both earth and moon was individually at a relatively perfect
distance from each other (earth to moon) and (earth to sun).
Do I rock anyone’s world when I suggest the proof is in every sunrise/sunset and every moonrise/moonset being
of equal circumference to each other? Meaning the earth and moon appear to be the same size in the sky!
Therefore the social phsyics is potentially proven applicable as far as the solar system….
So if there is a universe of creatures within us helping keep us alive and fight off disease, then the pyramid
of applying the equation does not escape us.
Neither business, nor marketing.
The best idea in the world can be proven before any company is launched (IMHO). You just have to do the social
equation from the spark of the idea to every leg that it is supposed to benefit, then each of those legs have
to be applied the same equation so that the result has to be equal to True each time the equation runs on each
leg. You can easily see why MLM is so popular when MLO (Multi-Level-Opportunity) is our ultimate goal for all
great ideas.
It’s my believe that this formula i + (r * r) = o defines success of the goal of the idea in it’s most true
form of fulfilling the opportunity formed the creation of the idea.
Let’s try it:
And I warn you, this is blunt and pure logic, no emotional implied or theory intended. To me, I consider this
debatable fact.
Thumb + (Grab * Put) = Intelligence, Why? + = Creation of perception because of flexibility holding or putting
back something from the environment.
Perception + (Intelligence * Environment) = Knowledge, Why? + = Creation of knowledge because of flexibility in
perceiving yourself as intelligent and also within an environment.
Jesus + (Idol * People) = God, Why? + = Jesus shunned idol worship and kings/leaders allegiance to establish
himself as the way to god.
Jesus + ((Before + (things you can see * worship)) * ((After + (things you can’t see * worship)) = Religion,
this can be simplified by Jesus + (Pagan * Christianity) = Religion, Why? Jesus death ended Paganism as main
religion which worshiped people, animals and celestial bodies. Jesus death started Christianity as main
religion which worshiped an invisible god.
I’ll do the short answers for the following cus I hope you can see the same principles mathematical laws of
real phsyics apply to social phsyics…AND… wait for it!…
Struggle + (Freedom * Opportunity) = Greatest Country = America
SuperPower + (Mono-State * Plural-State) = Unequal Balance “Cold War”, If you break the equation as SuperPower
+ (0 * Plural-State) = Chaos-Terrorism.
2 towers, 2 states of 9/11 (emergency number * terrorism date), even the pentagon was constructed on 9/11/1941
as an emergency to WW2. I could go on, but let’s bring it back to MARKETING:
Computer Software + (Windows * MS Office) = Absolute Productivity… Microsoft NEVER launched any other product
since with equal success as those two… WHY? Productivity Solved.
Apple Invent Product + (Mouse * GUI) = Absolute Innovation… Seems like this equation matches the “spooky
action” of quantum mechanics…? Interesting how Apple is known for Product Innovation and Microsoft is known
for business software.
If you read this far, I challenge someone to form an equation for Linux 🙂
So the physical and social world can potentially be a giant circuit of some giant computer we cant see.
Marketing Success follows the same rules. WHY? Because Social phsyics is the fabric of our visible lives and
making money or improving people/environment are results from a stream of successful equations. The “spooky
action” is why does it exist, who gave me this “gift”?
So I ask the community to stretch your mind even further….
What if everything visible can be defined with social physics/phsyics and everything invisible can be defined
with physics/phsyics?
That would mean:
Theory of Relativity + (Albert Einstein * Equation) = Theoretical Physics because E = mc2
Theory of Absolution + (Brian “Ty” Graham * Equation) = Social Physics because A = ir2
A B C D E F G = whole alphabet from A to G from first letter in first his name to my name.
1         1 1
Doesn’t this sequence look familiar?  Seems like DNA doesn’t it? Seems like his “DNA” was missing F G and mine
was missing A. Hmm… A + (F * G) = ?
A = ? F = ? G = ? we already know 1 + (1 * 1) = 2
Well, I think it means “Absolution finds God” And it also means “Absolution from God”.
So in theory, the equation defines heaven and hell, also going and staying such as “Going to heaven” as a
spirit or “Stay in Hell” as a ghost.
If God is Absolute then we can only be with god in an Absolute state of Elightenment because then one would
have both Absolute Energy to go anywhere and Absolute Opportunity to do anything. One would be everywhere –
literally. Everywhere would apply to all 7 states of Absolution.
Perhaps if the universise is the absolute expression of god then it too can be defined as an equation within
the same equation, just at a higher level:
A + (E * O) = G = Absolute + (Energy * Opportunity) = God
U + (C * C) = E = Universe + (Creator * Creation) = Eternal
_ + (G * E) = _  = God is Eternal because the equation stops working here: undefined + (G * E) = undefined

The key to the equation is “uniqness” because you can’t use the same result twice but the results always can be
used in a new equation. I think the uniqness must define why there are so many variations of ALL 7 states of
Absolution within each state.
So in theory, God never discriminates because
G + (C * C) = U = God + (Creation * Creates) = Uniquenes, since you only have the power to influence your
ability to create, god created both you and the opportunity for you to create opportunity in your creation.
Discrimination too can be summed up in the same formula but notice how the equation breaks because it looses
M + (G * C) = D = Man + (God * Creation) = Discrimination, where did creation go??? The circuit is broken and
therefore light’s path (god is energy is light) interrupted and the god computer crashes with that “Black
screen of Death” message.
A system reboot is needed. Both sides have to be fixed (input & receive i.e. positive & negative) because
before where there was only positivity, there is now negativity and the OPPORTUNITY for positivity.
Why do we bleed? Because we are apart of the circuit that defines god because we are creation. When we break
the god’s circuit, we harm ourselves. We harm each other. Blood is shead.
Energy is light
Blue light is hotter than red. Turn on your stove and watch the flame: It’s Blue!
Blood is matter and therefore it’s energy. When the circuit is NOT broken, blood is BLUE.
When the circuit is broken, blood is RED.
Always cut the blue line and take the blue pill if you’re in danger! Blue is a lucky color. Just look up at the
sky. It’s BLUE! That means if the EARTH must be on a higher level in god’s computer cuiruit. What happens when
you have no ozone? I’m guessing the sky is more red?
Everything is connected.
Why? God is the name given to eternity or immortal/enternal beings.
If we are a phsyical representation of 1 layer of circuirty in god in the form of matter then stretch your
brain to the firthest limits to come to the absolute realization of the equation of you and god’s circuit:
Opportunity circuit?
B + (RB * BB) = MC = Body + (Red Blood * Blue Blood) = Matter Circuit aka “Family” = We live in a “Human
M + (IP * KP) = IC = Mind + (Intelligence Power * Knowledge Power) = Intelligence Circuit aka “Society” = our
higher-selves dwell in a “Spirit Society”
L + (FB * SB) = MC = Life + (Family Bond * Society Bond) = Math Circuit aka “Reincarnation” = Our spirits use
Reincarnation to add life aka “current” to the curicuit”, same has the heart pumping blood throughout our body.
Life and Death create the curicuit pulse because each are positive & negative. Mimicing the pumping action of
the heart.
Inertia circuit?
Light circuit?
Energy circuit?
God circuit?

Absolute Energy | Light | Inertia | Math | Intelligence | Matter | Absolute Opportunity

Totally in love with living lovely.

When you look at the video, *I* shot it. I’m *flying* over *Earth* and I am *Sound*!

*I* still hear you…! Sounds good to *me*!

Click Photo to see me flying

I guess, if you listen to something once and don’t like it, you fly.

[insert flying video]

Hanging with Friends

That's me on the left.

Tonight, I realized Music evolves too, the beat changes it’s rhythm and the harmony picks UP.

Tonight, I realized why I love my friends. I am the *DJ*.

Those funky moves are from *me*! I love to *dance* and *sing*!

That’s be *me* in ‘front’ or “behind” of your *love*!

I *love* my *Sebastian*!

Resonant Moon day 28
Year of the White Cosmic Wizard

kin 169: Red Cosmic Moon
I Endure in order to Purify
Transcending Flow
I seal the Process of Universal Water
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Space

Thank you, you know how much I love this moment.

I Ain’t Mad at Cha…!

Boy, you grew God UP.

Your Soul is Fucking Hot, Dude.

OK, *Honey*, I Fainted, again.

I needed your help, by You


I was having an off day because I’m tired, poor and hungry for my husband, good food and good sex. Opps, I said “good” again… lol!

(Hello 50 Cent, Congradulations on your latest challenging movie role.)

Red Overtone Moon + Red Planetary Moon = white Lunar Mirror ~ today – Tone 2: Lunar – Relationships & Polarity
white [Rhythmic] Mirror + Blue [Rhythmic] Monkey = Red Crystal Moon ~ i dont know – Tone 12: Crystal – Complex Stability

Red Overtone Moon + Blue Rhythmic Night = Yellow Spectral Human ~ 50 day – Tone 11: Spectral – Dissonance & Letting Go
Red Planetary Moon + Blue Rhythmic Night = Yellow electric Human ~ 50 day – Tone 3: Electric – Rhythm & Change

White Lunar Mirror + Red Crystal Moon = Blue Magnetic Hand ~ – Tone 1: Magnetic – Unity
Yellow Spectral Human + Yellow Electric Human = Yellow Magnetic Seed ~ – Tone 1: Magnetic – Unity

Blue Magnetic Hand + Yellow Magnetic Seed = Blue Lunar Monkey – Tone 2: Lunar – Relationships & Polarity
71 + 41 = 112 ~ Blue Lunar Monkey – Tone 2: Lunar – Relationships & Polarity

Blue Lunar Monkey + Blue Lunar Monkey = White Self-Existing Wind – Tone 4: Self-Existing – Measure & Discipline
White Self-Existing Wind + Blue Rhythmic Night = Red Planetary Serpent – Tone 10: Planetary – Manifestation

Red Planetary Serpent + Blue Rhythmic Night = Yellow Electric Star – Tone 3: Electric – Rhythm & Change
Red Planetary Serpent + Red Planetary Moon = White Resonant Wizard – Tone 7: Resonant – Mystical Power

Yellow Electric Star + White Resonant Wizard = White Planetary Wind – Tone 10: Planetary – Manifestation
Red Spectral Serpent + White Planetary Wind = Blue Galactic Hand – Tone 8: Galactic – Harmonic Resonance

White Planetary Wind + Blue Galactic Hand = Red Overtone Moon – Tone 5: Overtone – Center & Core Purpose
Red Overtone Moon + Blue Rhythmic Night = Yellow Spectral Human – Tone 11: Spectral – Dissonance & Letting Go

(2) Charice – “Pyramid”

Red Overtone Moon + Yellow Spectral Human = Red Electric Dragon – Tone 3: Electric – Rhythm & Change


(5) BT – “Suddenly”

1. Red Dragon ~ Red Dragon is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.
5 ~ Red Serpent is your Higher Self & Guide.
20 ~ Yellow Sun is your Subconscious Self and Hidden Helper.
11 ~ Blue Monkey represents your Challenge and Gift.
– With maturity and awareness this challenge will turn into a Focus.
– This is what you desire to learn in this lifetime.
18 ~ White Mirror is your Compliment – something that comes naturally to you.
– You are already an Enlightened Being!
– White Mirror’s are able to clearly reflect others back to themselves once their own mirror is clear.
3 = Tone 3 – Electric ~ Your Tone is Tone 3 – Electric


(3) Sarah Mcleod – “White Horse”

Yes ~ 5=5 ~ 5(Red_Serpent)+3(Electric)= Red Electric Serpent = Tone 3: Electric – Rhythm & Change
No ~ 5+5=10 ~ 10(White_Dog)+3(Electric)= White Electric Dog = Tone 3: Electric – Rhythm & Change
Maybe ~ 55-20(Yellow_Sun)=35-20(Yellow_Sun)=15=15(Blue_Eagle)+3(Electric)=Blue Electric Eagle – Tone 3: Electric – Rhythm & Change

(1) Red Electric Serpent + (2) White Electric Dog + (3) Blue Electric Eagle = Blue Rhythmic Night

A- Maybe_Yes + Yes_Yes = Yes_Yes_Yes
1–Red ~ (Yes_Night_Not) ~ Blue
2–White ~ Electric ~ Rhythmic
3–Serpent ~ Dog ~ Eagle

(4) Gaia and Luna – “Give it Up”

B- Night=I am the darkness that is the light and the stillness that is the dancing!
1–Yes ~ Be Self-Conscious about who you are and what you want.
2–Yes ~ You know you’re an awesome person, ready or not here *you* come!
3–Not ~ Measure the knowings of this blog.

There is no Maybe_No or Maybe_Maybe, either you’re a man about your word, or *Not*.

Wow, Children love my blog… *blush*, I gave it UP.


(Hello Robert Downey Jr, You completely *blue* my fucking mind man!)

Robert John Downey, Jr. (born April 4, 1965),_Jr.

Planetary Moon day 1
Year of the Blue Spectral Storm

kin 211: Blue Electric Monkey
———I Activate in order to Play
———Bonding Illusion
———I seal the Process of Magic
———With the Electric tone of Service
———I am guided by the power of Vision
———I am a galactic activation portal    enter me.

“Iron Baby” by Patrick Boivin

(Hello Mr. Lee, I don’t know how I would of known without *you*.)

Bruce Lee (Chinese: 李小龍; pinyin: Lǐ Xiăolóng, born Lee Jun Fan (Chinese: 李振藩; pinyin: Lǐ Zhènfān); 27 November 1940 – 20 July 1973)
(BTW, another miracle=6=/=Totally=*You karate chopped my life into thinking straight*)

Overtone Moon day 13
Year of the Blue Cosmic Storm

kin 163: Blue Resonant Night
———I Channel in order to Dream
———Inspiring Intuition
———I seal the Input of Abundance
———With the Resonant tone of Attunement
———I am guided by the power of Vision

Bruce Lee inspired me to know “ly”. You’re Great and *YOU* know it!

Blue Electric Monkey + Blue Resonant Night = White Planetary Wizard (Totally!) – Tone 10: Planetary – Manifestation

Fuck… I am crying because I finally found T_____Y and it’s a real word not a decoded one. Fuck. I don’t know what to say, but Thank You.

OK, I’m back on, here I go:

Mika – We are Golden

6-Totally-H-S-#-{-/ ~ Bruce:I kick you!
9-Totally-K-V-^-“=*T* – Cheers,
10-Totally-L-W-&-;=*Y* ~ Mate!

Thank you Mr. Bruce Lee & Mr. Robert Downey Jr.!!
You have a funny way of cheering me up with your funky mov(i)es!
-*Pussy Cat*

(6) Sharika – She Wolf (Moto Blanco)

*Wow* Right now I am totally conscious that you have read my humanity. All of these songs were brought to you today by Music, Music says “hello, I listened too!”.

(7) Blake Lewis – Heartbreak on Vinyl

(8) You are this *awesome* to *me*!

(9) This is *YOU* – White Planetary Wizard!
[insert day keepers graphic]
(10) I’m *So* Glad I Found You