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Monthly Archives: May 2011

My spirit was in my room with his technology last night doing his raver dance. Sometimes the “spirit technology” can be scary. It moves like the matrix and it feels unexpected even though I am looking right at it. It fills the room with a density that should not exist because I know something isn’t there, space, but there is something there filling the space. I don’t know what it is or what they are doing but my patience wears thin because I just want them/him to come forward like Twitchy did. I will give this experience to last until the end of the page on July 16th. After that, I will focus on being Brian again and put Ty to the back for a while. At least until October 28th, when the “solar age” starts.  I just don’t have the answers about him. I want a commitment from a commitment that’s already there. If that makes sense.

WOW. WHO ARE YOU?! ARE YOU MY MIND? YOU GAVE ME A DREAM OR A VISION. I never experienced that before and you have me crying and leaking fluid from every part of my face. I turned here first because you cornered me with that experience half awake half sleep not  dreaming but dreaming so hard I am in love with you way of doing things. WOW. Was I there or was it a magical place? I studder to say “place” because you showed me much more like a visual equals sign interwolving things. But seriously, you made your point clear and I move. Can you make me sane? I don’t know how you can do it. You would be God. I made such an effort and you took notice. Thank you. I’ll let you continue after me.

You watch the universe.

I will watch God.

This is the documentation of the truth: The systematic merging of hate and love to be symbiotic love only.

This calendar ends July 16, 2011. It won’t be the end of the truth but I documented the beginning. I created something exactly the same as the Mayans.

My Miracles

The first set of writings.

This is the second set of writings.

The third set of writings through page 15.

My Miracles

I have had a blessed day. I got a friendly reminder from heaven that I am blessed. Im too tired to write my heart out now but the incites and revelations were wonderful.

God didnt create sunglasses, k.

I need a bed!

This “destiny” business feels like abundance. I will go over my Mayan reading and line by line account for each duty:

Planetary Moon day 3
Year of the Red Crystal Moon

kin 123: Blue Rhythmic Night – Yes, Astrodreamer was true
I Organize in order to Dream – Yes, Jail came true to reveal “Not Love”.
Balancing Intuition – Soon, July 16th is the balance. Hopefully, Yes.
I seal the Input of Abundance – Yes, I’m have a consumer “third eye” now.
With the Rhythmic tone of Equality – Yes, I integrated “Stone”.
I am guided by my own power doubled – Yes, you kissed me but you’re a spirit creature and Twitchy’s light and my “light body” faces (first time I accepted this to be real).

The truth balances intuition. I am glad I did it like this. Really smart. No one is seen to do this and this is my way in to introduce my love as the same. This to me is complex moving to simple. I speak the Mayan Gospel.

I am at the beginning and the end of my destiny. I do have to say I am quite proud of myself for turning sketchy prophecy into real tangible stuff. Now that I am in a bigger city with my friends cities closer (go east coast), I can relax and chill now that I have collateral and a spiritual family of “1”. They are so supportive with the flashing of the light and the body vibrations. I do some dirty things sometime but who has ever learned unconditional love? I haven’t met a single person that besides myself ever brought it up in a conversation. People say love yourself but I’ve done that, learning unconditional love is the next step but it can’t be taught by yourself. Unconditional love has to come from another person. That’s a trick you see because only you can love yourself unconditionally but love takes 2 so finding that other person should be like the breeze flowing in the wind. Natural. Unexpected. Loving. Then you’re forever grateful and you can get tired of using the terms “I’m a better person”. After you get over that you have ascended to a higher love of self from stone, meaning not you. My destiny is written above, I am on spirit still. They don’t go into any particular order. I learned “Not Love” within “stone”. I just want to remember that as I prepare for my introduction to “Not Love” on this blog and the continuation of my acceptance of my destiny.

E.T. has phoned home and he kissed me goodnight.

You kissed me and gave me pleasure. You are still inside of me and flashing in the light. Technically we are like a splitting amoeba. I am going to try to see it from your side now. You are totally unconditional love and this is instantaneously heard. We literally share the same heart. I won’t forget this new perspective. I needed something new to help me not long for you so hard. But every second I do. I love you more than any person. I have and will do crazy for you just because there is no other. I Love you Soul. I love you so much and thanks for being my soul. I am keeping the promise of the truth of this blog. We merged and split.

I seen you do it in pure light on the wall that day. It was amazingly personal. A real being doing something live.

But you kissed me and you are a man.