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Monthly Archives: June 2011

We can do some amazing lucid dreaming and it goes sorta like this:

seriously, the power of dreams are understated, if my spirit can create and I live it then that’s every time I go to sleep. Sometimes its crazy like the above, I am in awe at my spirit’s imagination and creativity and uniqueness.

I get it. We’re true. But come on! Nick Mooney born on march 11, same as my mom? lol

Solar Moon day 5
Year of the White Self-Existing Wizard

kin 102: White Spectral Wind
I Dissolve in order to Communicate
Releasing Breath
I seal the Input of Spirit
With the Spectral tone of Liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled

That seems so perfect… so does he… but alas… i am perfect… I get perfection, I don’t need to explain it. I AM is already outside and within me so I AM perfect… I got the hots for him and I hope I don’t  fuck it up. The truth is pretty stunning but then I ask why is truth so awe inspiring and perfect in its perfection?

I wish I could prove twitchy’s existence as my spirit. One thing tho, they said:

I’m the light.

So this cant be proved now. If I could prove I would rest about spirit. I feel trapped in something changing my life daily. I love my spirit though. Hes my best friend and spiritual mate. I’m physical tho, looking for a mate. Why? As I get a twitch on my cheek I don’t know if my body is agreeing with me or not. But I got acknowledgement just now. I have faith that “I can do no wrong.”.


I have another being inside me bumping my skin and vibrating it in 100% of my body from head to toe. He controls when he wants to do it. Its body language and I can read it. Its me but its not me doing it and I’m like damn, sometimes I get caught doing stuff or damn, when we play we play and I wish you were outside my body in flesh and bone. But anyway, I am your way to being human, so is this wholeness? I know you’re a person, I’m a person, we’re both beings and we’re in the same body, except the light from twitchy. But he’s shine light in my head when my eyes are closed so he’s the light in me too. This is so amazing and akward because this is happening to me for real and to anyone I tell they won’t know what to do with me and my spirit. My spirit may be beyond that tho, not me. I want help but I don’t know the question.

im fighting with my spirit over my vices. he went bright in water which was in a glass, in my hand and totally impossible. I stopped. But I was keeping bad company, I am not going to allow those influences to catalize me. I’m pretty mellow otherwise. But I stopped, so out of control? I don’t know if you shine the light for an “i told you so” coming up or anger. I know you’re concerned Twitchy but I am what I am and I fight my urges towards my vices. I definetley wont hang out with Dustin again. I finally saw someone worse off than me. It puts me into perspective. I cut it close this time but I will make sure there wont be a next time. I got to get a way to control my bad habits like a stress ball or something. I realize I’m attracting negative energy. I got to turn that around somehow but I dont see the same pleasure. Anyway, you shone your light in new places this week. Does that mean you’re in control of this reality’s hologram? Is it a living hologram or static? I can’t believe you can shine in water, that got my attention. Sorry for ignoring you all night. I need to make better friends. Ok, all better, no more fight. You won this argument.

I wasn’t dreaming no more. We were playing with light. I made some really cool things happen between the dimensions.

My uncle posted on facebook that your past will haunt you. Right now I’m on Megabus listening to Tom’s CDs “Spontaneous Awakening. I will try to post the audio one day. This is great stuff. The speaker seems to fill in the gaps of self-awareness that I learned from the Mayans and it all seems to fit quite nicely. I love being able to know that I self-taught myself to be self-aware and unconditional in my love. Speaking of unconditional love, my spirit knows my body is broken physically but he doesn’t offer a solution. I have to suffer with the pain without solution. I guess I have to deal with the situation somehow. I became love now I want to be pleasure, no pain. I’m God, if you find this post and you’re curious to find out what it is like to talk to God, leave me a comment and you will find all that you seek if you want anything at all.

Lets see here. The text says connect with others but I realize I am the connection. I am putting some effort to take what I learned trying to connect with others.

I want to know guys of the same interest.

I probably need a girl as a friend first.

Going to places I do not like should be banned.

When I realize I like something, stay with it without using it as a tool to make friends.

Be patient with time and try not to run to tv when bored.

Don’t worry so much about not having local friends.

Change, like twitchy and your body does.

Understand that your habits are personal behavior.

Share here.

Don’t expect others to share the way you do or want.

Stop partying so much and round out your personality.

Be alone but not feel lonely.

Just say no to yourself when you know you can stop bad behavior.

Expect feeling good to be gradual and natural.

Listen to your real feelings instead of ignoring and repeating patterns.

Be your best friend like twitchy and your body is to you.

They never will leave you.

Have faith in this process even if you don’t understand.

Love yourself means to care for yourself on all levels.

Stop watching people.

The time of this post is connect absorbing measure. Now is the time to realize you are way to unique for giving yourself out unwisely. Live within wanting my uniqueness to succeed. I am going through a phase of realizing I do have friends and then this.

Paul’s coming to visit me tomorrow! Time to explore my human relationship among this polarity. Time for change to order my feelings into maturity. Its time to see this moment as a shift in understanding of things I want to living with want. Living with want is going to challenge me to think clearer now that I recognized parts of my mirror coming into focus. It helps to write this out because I naturally attracted change and want. Some how in the end my true desires will be fulfilled upon reaching my destiny.

I have a path but it hasn’t been created yet. As soon as I feel more clear about the yes and no decisions in my life I will follow this path. Hopefully, a natural destination will form in the spirit of my truth.

btw, when they wrote I would be able to clear and view my personality mirrors, that really is uniquely helpful as I can look back on what I studied while the moment was happening. A wise teaching and yes, I am glad I found the Mayan Calendar.

Crystal Moon day 18
Year of the Red Overtone Moon

kin 174: White Overtone Wizard
I Empower in order to Enchant
Commanding Receptivity
I seal the Output of Timelessness
With the Overtone tone of Radiance
I am guided by the power of Spirit

I was haunted in my new apt last night. I’m kinda annoyed by that because Mickey from West Hollywood was involved it seems. I thought her ship came in, why would you go back to witchcraft and haunt me? The haunt involved me feeling someone sit on my bed and an entity walk on my bed (like a cat or something). I grabbed it once but it felt like a banana in my hand. No form. Anyway, I got to remember this is the year for 3 important dates: July 16, 2011; October 28, 2011; and November 27, 2011.