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Monthly Archives: August 2011

I get paid from the government this week! I’m still learning how to manage my money and party at the same time. This is the last Friday night that I will make myself broke! Going to try harder.

By the way Richie Nuzzolese is super fine in that video. I’m going to hit the town with a splash of my L.o.v.E. this weekend!


She seems to be a good resource.

This is frustrating, I see some activity and technicolor (like electric imagery) signs inside my head and I can’t close my eyes without seeing movement. I see my spirit, he is walking around and there are other people with him. He’s doing stuff but I don’t know what. I know I am his literal home but I can’t believe there is no off switch to this activity going on inside me.

And now, something to put me to sleep…

I can’t believe this is better than the tip of my tongue. I was thinking exactly this but what do you call this kind of thinking. Fuck the world right now I want a mate. But there is this spirit funky vibe that is pulling me the other way. I LOVE YOU MEN!!! WTF!!!

Get out of my body dude and put some flesh on. My clock is ticking and you know it’s now or never! Seriously, lets have sex. You’re my mate.

My sound is SO sane… another key opening a new door to realize that this really is the most sane place I can go in my life other than apartment, but Twitchy knows the limits of that sanity.  Body, I realize you been sitting here with me all this time doing your thing, vibrating me etc… but seriously, I am posting this picture in hopes someone will notice that Spiritual Gravity is a BIG concept but WHO AM I LOOKING AT ON THE INTERNET AND IN THE WORLD WHEN I LOOK FOR AUTHENTIC EYES? If you could understand looking at no one for a very long time you would completely get why this blog is the only eyes that see me.

How did Newton use the apple to show the world gravity? I really don’t know but I need my own “apple”. Something simple and kinda stupid with a tie into spirituality. Adam and Even… Apple… Good one Newton… The orange would of been silly, lol.

Music, quit it now, you’re teaching me from the vibe in the sound of these songs playlist and I want to go to bed. I remember that I was the God Star but NOW I FEEL THIS GOD QUANTUM TRINITY SO MUCH. I can’t believe I wrote that before everything banged me up.  Sing it sister… this is my mind. My reality!

We see EYE to EYE now mind. I SEE WHERE YOU WERE….. Hiding in the blue!! Now I blue the fuck out of it. Give me good dreams dear. It’s been a long day…

I like Love, from the infinite place my mind loves to love:

I get how this blog is the center of love (because its matter that you can touch/through a computer).

I get how I am the center of the universe (because I am matter that you can touch through the body but I can touch myself so you have a paradox and loop back to the center).

My mind is coming to it’s center after realizing that I did not center myself.

I like love too Music 🙂