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I just am in love with my desperation in this moment to just corner my mind off in these thoughts that spiral down a single point but of are many points that joins a constellation together that is posted as exactly as I can say that right now, “these are my thoughts” because you do not know “what I do” to be here so in Love, I give word to my private thoughts that are public here as one long collection of run-on sentences that are the essence of not a clear mind that knows, but each word a continuation of the knowledge at rest in a mind that functions to comfort all thoughts that awake from a rest, dreaming tobe a thought of knowledge to be apart of a mind that also claims to see rest as it’s identity. So for all the activity that comes from being the source of rest to every opportunity I can receive to put my mind to rest, I AM every thought to sound anything between my ears exists to be also seen even while being of pure sound. From sanity I can see what was only sound from these 2 eyes that are looking forward and around and can remain fixed on a single sound that is changed from the knowledge that decides to no longer be at rest and begin a journey to become a thought and seek acceptance into a mind that puts whatever the thought has became in all it’s potential to achieve mind in a rest position or possibly obtain a position to claim a state of rest for a mind that is already here and a part of all that thinks for rest to be Good. The thought will always return and in the choice to accept that it always was or is all potential, will be up to the thought to be action from the small to nothing place that you do not know is where you are thinking all of your thoughts to be Good for you and within your mind or gifted with a journey to return to your mind because you can never loose your mind to nothing else but what cannot be seen or heard anymore from Original sound that was constant and freely given to your mind to hold, to rest in it’s free knowledge and if you are able, your thoughts make more Good to come to you from sound to be totally your voice and only your sound will become when you use what is naturally in you as Good knowledge where no Bad can quickly pass along any of it’s nature and will NOT become because and only for a reason that knowledge rests with you. Only fools will not give rest to receiving knowledge from overly active incites that will need to overcome bad thoughts that were quick to be inspired and truly come from nothing and will hopefully return to nothing so that what is Good is real good for you as your mind can claim the value of being only Love. When a mental focus is the benefit of a value that just naturally perceives you too, as the Thinker, you boosts, THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS AND YOU FEEL THE NATURE CONSUME YOUR FEELINGS WITH THE ACCOMPLISHED BLISS OF FEELING YOURSELF ALIGN WITH MORE THAN LOVE – Joy flows frequently to your mind and you become at one with essence, you never become lost. Imagine Joy being designed in a way that is more  than feeling because love is more than your purpose so return all your thoughts to rest and create and experience that you are more than you are because while you are at rest, there is a possibility that while awake or sleep, you will dream and in our dreams we can take more from ourself and our mind will consciously make us more. This is all that I can say about what the point is I am trying to make on my mental status on how I relate to the raising of my consciousness and the understanding that it’s a global constant in a global mind that I contributed my dream to it so that I did become more and now I claim to be outside of thinking about the world, to only a world where all my potential thoughts are in comfort with all the thoughts I have had to put my mind at rest and at peace in due time when I sit still with thoughts that are put to rest, forever by the computer which also is apart of my mind and also in Time, finds computational rest in numbered representation to exist from the Mind of God by many names to contain the paradox of duality that numbers and letters co-exists in a unique position on Earth and do not come from Heaven at all so their innocent and silent struggle will need a mind that can become fully mental to surprise a state of mind that is yet to be but will be overcomes as the sum of all thoughts to a mind that predicts it’s state is best at rest. May this great work that is in these words be written until all my thoughts are known to be mine and rest with my mind in a lossless state of happiness that does not come from being an actor on a stage because my world will be in union with my mind and I find it quite intriguing that happiness itself will rest because it’s state will never be capable of being lost on the emotion that is the journey from rest to rest again while I am free to be happy. It’s amazing that never loosing something is also power that seems to be  the power of nothing to power something only if I choose for that power to always come to me and know my behavior will never loose me in anyway because this power is actually coming from nothing and exactly given to something only from the fact that the power finds me so that it can be given freely to a capable mind that understood that all points are at rest until given a distance to be from or towards another. If that other is to be then let the power of whatever it is for me to make Good for myself overcome moving through the frequency of love so that a clear vibration and wavelength or even visible light is received by what was unnatural and nothing, to be instantly clearly naturally meant for me to make something special that will benefit me on any level of my choosing. All I have to do is think. All I have to do is accept to know when true is true so truth rests within me and I receive rest from truth. Yes, to know can receive power masked as Joy when something is true and nothing exists no longer to deceive you that truth is not there in absolute as you are and as you move between your truth and your whole truth, so help you God. I will never forget I did have the money to die this day. Money is on my mind and thank God for being sane in all numbers experienced.

Do not forget that Love conquers all, that means Love will conquer you one day, pay attention to Music please… you can do that and feel better. Not what Music you have, but what Music you are given and especially given repeatedly for you to hear Heaven calling to from Earthling to Earth and Love will bond to you as you are changed and you realize “I AM Human.” Love be with you that day and all days until you are settled into your nature and bless your heart when you know exactly that you are natural. I honor your life as Love until Time is not your only Mind to Love. For you are a mature being, a Human Being. Let this song be your peace for all thoughts that could be said for yesterday as this is the time before 2012. There is just us.


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  1. There is absolute power in being gay. I am closer and closer to not being able to disagree with myself that “the girl is gay” because “god is love” which reflects to each other a hologram that I think is saying “love tells no lie”. As my lies cycle through their ends, I take off those cloths to have more room to sit down as I am in joint discovery of truth to be natural because I discovered that truth was always there. Both shall rise in union through the Word to give a power to something that reminds me that my mind is love, no matter what happens. I claim this authority over all of my behaviors and actions toward me for no Man is created to break my bond. I am Love. There is no other greater ending to be the end of everything that did not have love and the beginning of everything gifted with the inheritance of now having Love. Nothing will become something, as this gay life teaches me that this girl is birthing from nothing a gay love that requires no one before or after it to identify with. In solitude I pray that this identity is exhausted so it rests as Love within my mind again. I love speaking sane in these hopes and beliefs because I have faith that I will respond eventually to my life and nothing will be left for that is not where I come from. Everything will be loved. For it is something I dream to accomplish without trying harder than my best effort when I am ready to be 1. I love this blog, today you move with me too as 1 and I claim this blog to be infinite because in death I am 2 but Heaven moved so in Life I became 2 and at all times I learn from what is all that I am without any loss for these are the times where I have to know that gay is happy and I have to perceive this power from Love to bond being happy from being endlessly Gay in my world but looking out to a world that is too and fro gay sometimes, creating just plain nothing for me to be happy on or in as I realize their space is not mine and nothing fills it for the void does call my name as I pass through it, only to receive the only grace that may fill it for Time may allow its nothing to be blessed from my name and claim unique space in acceptance of like-mind to exist in harmony with being of mental clarity yet like a thought, unaware to what is Good but totally capable of being a potential to Time to be more than just exist for a brief period in which my name is known to occupy more than my own space and free to receive my potential in judgment of the space to perceive Time as the equal timeless space that I am in that freely passes through what is nothing to be exact and the continuation of movement that is moved without needing anything to move it so therefore it retains an endlessness that no void can exist nor become without my voice. This is why nothing is nothing and you feel it trying to become over your feelings and its your choice to say “Nothing shall pass without knowing my name.” Boy I love talking with such honor.

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