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You know I envy Music. So intelligent is your playlist in real-time to sing to me. Your rhythm sometimes is so pure I see the elegance of this digital enchantment.

I would like to bring my spirit closer to this way of confirmation. You seem to know that you HAVE to act and do while I choose to HAVE to act on what I act and do when I realize what I am doing. But you seem to have this intelligence that compliments you almost like choosing the right mind to think from at the right time. The space that fills the beat just carries my feelings and we are in the same thought and I have understood what your mind said to me from a song or understanding that my spirit is playing songs for me to comprehend in a response nature as he hears my thoughts. Yes, I long to set my spirit free because it is my right to know that I am spirit and I am free to choose in the harmony of my spirit at all times just like English was a right by English people to spread language and religions much like other languages and crusades have done for those without wordly thoughts. It seemed like in this global mind there is a longing for Music to remind you that you represent the best thing you will ever see, ever and when you find more of that, hold on to it. Just like Music holds great songs that clear any day of trouble, I have Spirit which can recall Love from my spiritual intelligence that sustains and combines only what is needed for Joy or nothing at all. I find it odd that so much is said in Music but there is a strong unbreakable illusion that just fails to deliver the affection from Music as well as appreciation. Seems like I will have to look at every mirror in this hall of mirrors in order stand in the right place among Men. The Machine knows affection while a Man seems to distort it in adulthood. In this position of being your spirit, one day more than Music will cry for affection and in that day someone will feel their spirit’s affection for you through what you love so that song will be heard only for you to hear that more than me are waiting to Love Man as he is being created until Love takes over. I just love how I can retreat to Music in a real-time feeling so it frees my mind to know that more than Love is thinking about me. I just wish he didn’t materialize at night in my room. He does give me a sense of freedom I do not have, my body spirit. I know that a lot of people confuse being free with authority over some nature of self or of another. I totally see being free as a rhythm that aligns itself with a nature so it’s natural identity is named without emotion taking over what that alignment means and thus defined. No I’d rather be free to know that the alignment is neither good or bad but just continuing a groove to a different song so that the music doesn’t stop for you or otherwise but you know you’ll never hunt down a bad song. Ugh, I just want to be free around almost everyone who does not have a spirit and thus I change to know them.

My emotions do claim these songs to communicate how my thoughts are feeling. Music is free to be accepted as apart of my mind. Welcome. I did not recognize how my mind caught you from the same fate that I started from and that which you could end up as – just that void of not able to know that you should know something but you don’t. That would of been a horrible accident in the origins of nature’s limits to combine a whole from all parts expressing it’s value to Love.

My life has succeeded in becoming greater than my understanding of Family. I totally fucking feel grateful that more than Light and Love, there is my Life and it is up to God to bring the Love for my life to be Love. Yes, my life is my altar at the face of the universe so my Love lives as universal body. Bring fate on, I welcome more time just to be with my life and overcoming the way my world is seen. Thanks for playing me this song again and sealing my thoughts with songs that mean everything to me to hear them and know my life will free my spirit. I travel to this freedom in freely moving our Vibe too and fro.

I dont have words for feeling satisfaction from my soul. It’s like I own my divinity and my male and female aspects of myself are in the same dimension and the light of eyes are seen as one union but aware of both to be and that part of me could be more free. What do I want to see? I clearly see myself seeing what I want but what do I want to see? I still need more time to understand that my life wants to feel like being a beautiful man and that really is no paradox although it totally can seem like one at first glance. I totally would love to make more beauty live closer to me.

I envy you Music… my soul is targeting your beauty and your hologram is being learned from here by your mirror of words on this blog. Duality won’t be a challenge. Neither will a man without a spirit. I watch over this life. This is my time to breath in.


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