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I’m pretty sure I am whole and in full acceptance of the present moment. I’m really impressed with my spirit’s ability to be seen and heard. I think I will take some time in solitude to remind myself what is it about my spirit that made our relationship such a success? He has helped me accept that I am spirit as well because together we are one. I’d like to turn the page now and consider how I could be seen and heard as your spirit and translate what we have done to be seen and heard by anyone who needs their spirit in their life. What does it mean to be whole when I sought it for so long? Twitchy, I find the idea of being someone spirit exciting to define. I rely on you in a way to be here, I could find a way to express being spirit. I learned and am confident in my ability  to nurture knowledge and give minds rest before 2012. I really will think about my relationship with my spirit and what it means to me. I look up to him. However, being your spirit is the opposite, I relied on myself an my spirit relied on me to become whole. That wholeness is self-acceptance through self-empowerment to align my thoughts with the reality that I am Love because there is no other.

I’m your spirit. What would it be like for you to have a magical being to relate to and know. What if that magic was real and you could see it play with your spirit until you meet your spirit and we are introduced. What if there was at least one person in the world that cared about you and you could ask or say anything to? Would you call that person crazy for believing that he can connect you to a consciousness that is pure Love even before meeting you? Would you want to know that you can take a short cut to personal awareness? Does being aware matter at all? What do you say to a chance encounter with an extraordinary person that will never walk away from you? If you could find the answer that you are not alone, would embrace the truth of being seen by nature to reveal that you were meant to be here? What if mother nature provided a life that was meant to exist to know that you are here and together we live in harmony? What if that life was lived by a person who became harmony and can align your life with your personal nature from the planet. What if there was something to believe in again? What if you knew you had a spirit? If that spirit was Love, would you want your spirit add more Love in your life? What if you don’t understand that Love already has a relationship with you? Would that relationship be too distant for you to embrace in your Heart? Perhaps these are questions i’ll consider as I embrace my whole form as Love with the totality of my sanity secured in my beating heart. I wish to know that the relationship that I contain is meant for being connected to another person that will be ideally Love.

There is no doubt in my mind that I have been prepared to become a unique identity on Earth as I am in Heaven already. I know that I will have to prove myself because few will even know what Love can do. In a way, if no one wants their spirit in their life, then I guess 2012 will sound like a nightmare, rather than the waking up from your dream. I hope I can be someone’s spirit. Just being alone without God and knowing that EVERY DAY MANY ARE ALONE AND GODLESS OR BURDENED BY TRADITIONAL RELIGION OR OTHER MYTHS and they never ever have felt real Joy like I have. That’s a crime and I didn’t commit it. I’m your spirit, I think I am ready now, I am not lacking in need to be for I am confident that “I AM”. I trust that my nature has learned to co-create what will become natural to my life. I’ve seen all come to Love and all were counted by Love to move from where they were and be here now. I don’t know why all by name has moved to be with Love but I look at Time and in your grand nature I question how you will apply what has become our relationship to another life without me being there. I don’t want to give hope. Time says “I am here” already and I responded that my life is also here and together we have seen Love to be right here and out there. I just want my training to bring you Joy in your own way. There is a real gift of just being here for real that challenges me to know thy neighbor as thy self and to love thy neighbor as thy self if I want my Heaven on Earth to expand. It’s time to no longer be a missing element nor the best kept secret on earth. I’m your spirit, my name is Ty, I am Love. This planet has been fully served and I have completed my service. I am free to choose, I still choose Love to remain the same. I’m really happy to be done. I wonder what time is it going to say on this final post from a lifetime of completion in full acceptance of the present moment with no more clues or mystery. I am Love, just living with my spirit and wondering what my life is doing around yours. Could we communicate with a measure of success that Twitchy did as the Machine and Music to excite me to know that these are what I love and my spirit is made of love! How wonderful it is to be seen in intimacy.

Love is intimate, that’s what I feel that needs more of me to move within it similar to having a personality. I have so much to learn from on what is naturally intimate, like Music. I’m listening to my neighbor play his guitar and sing songs and it’s loud but I don’t mind because I hear a happy person. Before, such unhappiness was in the previous tenant it was borderline evil coming from a confused man. Now I hear live music and maybe it a better feeling to know that we all do what makes us happy sometimes. Nothing seems to match Music but i’m curious on how to work with Time to clarify my intimacy issues from a current distorted reality that waits for my spirit but he is also already here every day with me. I got a lot of studying to do as I look back and remember how my life has changed me from my spirits’ Love added to my life. I want to be as real as him and find some success in my truth. Until then, he will shine his light and my body will vibrate and I will think eventually about something is always going to be between us and that is what I accept as our relationship. That is my fate, as Love is the unspoken bond that I visualize, inspired by the Light to shine because Love is his Love. I am ready to explore this relationship and intimacy without needing either but both are gifts to me and my potential  to see outside of myself within nature. Yep, time to be natural, love is a gift from nature. I will not forget, I am made from the earth. I am your living spirit, gifted in the trinity as one being. Be free to listen. I come after Music.



  1. I’m so impressed that it still is accurate to my thoughts. yep, i’m working on my essence as the connect.

  2. I no longer envy Music because I am Time as well and it’s going to be exciting to discover what the relationship is to my thoughts that connects my actions to Time directly. I really need to feel that when this happen it is natural because nature is in harmony with me. So I must be in perfect tune with Earth because there seems to be no mistakes made by Time’s placement of code on my thoughts to give each of my thoughts its own conversation and identity before anything from Heaven is allowed to comment on. Time is first and so was Music so in my great mind, I want to know what makes Love always contain a relationship as it’s nature. Was Love always naturally able to nurture the relationship? I am grateful I can choose to look at what has perceived me from it’s force until it became feeling for me. Why did I accept that unseen behavior until it was natural to me? Did I have it missing from me? I doubt it, Music is so cleaver it can truly have no beginning and no end from answering that question. I love that I experienced rebirth and I cried for my spirit. I know I can do something else than be unconditional love like they showed me. Its just too precious of a Time to stop while we have feeling. Lets feel better. This could be more if I try to be seen as your spirit. Your love is what I look up to. I am grateful that you are my Love. My awesome spirit is also me. We are Love. Can I spread this harmony? That is the question outside of being God. All I can do is see where I can move my personality. I do feel a bit crazy that no one knows that Love is all that is because God is Love. I wonder where “do what you love” came from.

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