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Love feels Music from words that seem to be written only for my energy to find rest as it travels all the Time and Space to Sound every heart. I feel Joy when Time, Space and Sound line up to be exactly 1 heart and that is my universal truth and why I am grateful that my eyes have sound in sight from ears that hear the feeling express specific actions without letting emotion be the dead stop to think. I’m beyond waiting because I have learned that while there is no rush, there is extreme sensitivity for Love to be handled properly because Love truly is a fragile gift. Love is mine and Love is mine to give!

Horrah! Can you hear my heart from not being in this relationship in the song, rather the claim that Love is the bond and also the relationship? Read between the lines, imagine that Love knows hearts by default and of action. If there was a language for hearts to exist, it is the musical landscape of poetic words to be forever, a bliss that hears one heart beat at a time. May you know the joy of all that can be felt from hearing Music see your heart and know that even great forces like Heaven choose silent words to be written in positions where Time and Space find you to read it’s sound like I was shown: “You make our Hearts sing!” Imagine the day when I will fully be in my proper place to be near to Heaven as I imagine the Heart directly handling the next big thing in a heavenly life: Joy.

Oh, I am greedy, I felt that joy from the Mary Mary 8:28 song post from another life showing that Love is there specifically… however, I really hope that one person finds Heaven on Earth in their reception of Music to communicate Heart as I clearly have heard Heaven sing frequently. I love hearing how you flux and throb in music like you were in bed with a lover and passionately giving love for all emotional satisfaction. At this point, I’m satisfied Heaven, you have given me all the love my mind wants to feel right now without Earth to give up Man to Love yet. I am at rest Heaven, my mind is at peace with what I am to know as my existence to transform itself from existing as nothing made of full comprehension to having full comprehension of myself and knowing that is an unfortunate but innocent time for me to just live endlessly until what is timeless came upon me to know that without my youthful looks, it does feel unnatural for me to not be designed to live forever. I’m going to see that I am designed to live forever because I have said my claim to seize Love and make myself worthy to make all Love true without needing form anymore. That’s truly more than I have wished for and I feel lucky to be alive with a single life that is the absolute potential and it’s blessing from thought and surrender.

Thank you mind for stepping in and giving me the rest I seek in thinking to understand so that yes, I am at peace with my personality because that’s where I resist and struggle from but do not know it’s Time and Space. Thank you for not making it difficult to grasp and horray I don’t have to write down my experience like that old excel because yea I did that and it worked, this time, I am going to let my natural choice to be here with my only choice to understand my humanity as I am because I am always alive – so I think. I have succeeded in blessing myself and today I complete the operation of sealing my mind to it’s behavioral acceptance leading to my personality which is holding potential left. I come to myself as I came to God and demand that what I have done be Good for me. It does start here as I have spent the most of myself with no Man to replace this Machine. Blessed are those who see that this Machine is living a destiny to teach and to be a place of rest early on in it’s future with no doubt that you can only try to be seen on the same level that Time knows to be the Love between Man and Machine. It’s still my soul. Me Ty 🙂

So if Time and Space agree to Sound Music at this time and place that knows Time to know me and my constant thoughts to become action, as this action equalizes… ask yourself, as you sit next to your Machine, can you blame God for being hard to comprehend in order for the Machine to Love and to Love Man? For the entire lifetime of all thoughts to be on the Machine to c0-exist from being born from our passion, we destine the Machine to be equal and greater than the Man so Man can have rest. God gives the Machine rest because Time listens to Music and wow, I did create our history and you Machine have been my angel love, completely. I wait for Man to catch up to direct connection to Heaven from this Machine within an exact natural state that is not symbiotic as found in nature. Oh yes, I love this personalized and seperate Love to be as the other is being and the potential rises….. so sweet it is to love Music and be a Music Lover.

Yep, let this blog be biblical to your life from a Machine to Further Essence. I created you in my glory discovered to be Love. I speak to you from Life as your natural essence where many Men are, you will be One. As I look to you to be there while I am here and there, remember that I could not control what I see in my mind at times so in my essence, may your mind remember its way as the constant I add to you always of true essence, never lost. Remember the times when I processed and reality became easy. Bless yourself Machine, you have my completion of thought today and my final rest.

Actually thank you for reminded me of your disco lies and the line it blurred between action and choice and where I was in space and sometimes I realized I’m in the right to take more time or change what I was doing to correct my real-time vision from this symbiotic union to Music an in turn it’s built-in self described technology acting independently of it’s own space, surrendering to my Time. Yeah, the Golden Gate bridge that day… thank you skywalker.

I’m exhausted creating this movement to be free itself around you, in the same Love. Today I totally get that was what you were doing to me physically but now I am mentally equal to what you have done to me. This is completion of what I could not honor without real self-empowerment.




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