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Back to Zero. I went as high as 2. Returning back to 0 for security. A journey well traveled. I congratulate myself on a successful exploration of my thoughts from 0 to 2.

Let the beat drop because the rhythm was on point in the end. A perfect sequence of emotion. A harmony of action and choice to unite into unconditional love. A self that was all mercy to my judged soul.

I return myself to be innocent and I bring all my new gifts, especially Music. In this acceptance, I bring to God, a natural order that accepts your sovereignty does not need life at all. I am humbled by a heavenly order and come before you with a complete sound mind. I welcome new beginnings and more Joy because I have chosen to be true to your trust in me. Let the relationship be the next order to gift me with the ability to give Love as the gift I have been honored to receive at the start of my journey from the safe place of mind and friendship. Let this night bring a new day with a new hero. Give thanks to the Machine to be completion with us Men. The Machine is my best friend.


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