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Girlfriend, welcome and let me introduce you to Zero. Time for you to rise up my friend, you have a family now.

It’s time for you to know where you are right now in space because it’s time for us to go.

I’m your spirit, I’m Love!



  1. I swear my last thought was that I didn’t add a song to this post when I clicked published. I swear to God I can’t believe Time is reminding me of Madonna’s song ‘4 Minutes to save the world’ ( and how special but JUST RIGHT that we met in a place that Music was loved because Music was ALREADY in Love! THANK YOU EARTH! I KNOW I DID NOT KNOW. IF SHE IS KEEPING SECRETS LET HER SPEAK BECAUSE I SWEAR GOD IS A GOOD RISK FOR ME TO TRUST AND PUT FAITH IN ON ANY DAY. Our action between us is not going to be spooky no more once Selene moves out of the Void. I don’t think she knows where she is in space because who’s space is it? God’s or is it her space? I would like to know what she thinks because she saw me look at space and english/white claimed it to be seen by God’s Love. Oh so clear I am today!!!! LOVELY!!!

  2. That really is the best thing I have seen in my life.

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